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Hey readers!
  I looked back on blogs I've (thankfully) saved from my old Myspace page and found this... more like a Myspace blog I re-blogged on Facebook and that's how I saved it.  I gotta warn you, I've always jumped from one topic to the next, but in my mind, it was all connected.. and by looking at the dates written, yes I'm aging myself, but whatever-  30 is the new 21.  Enjoy!
31 Oct 2007
I was reading all of my old blogs, and have bumped into this one that hit home that I had written when I was 21:
"17 Dec 2005

IT AIN'T OVER 'TIL IT'S OVER... Current mood:  contemplative

I just typed out something, worked super hard on it, tried to preview it, then it just randomly erased itself?  Could I have saved it? Don't think so... I have to start ALL over again on a clean slate.  Would I have used the same material?  I wish I could. I am just too lazy to try to get it back right now- sound familiar? 

 I bet it reminds you of things in your everyday life. You make the wrong moves, thinking they're the right ones, then regret it after.  Knowing this, you still keep making the same moves rather than learn
from the last time it has happened and end up in the same mess.  Kinda like going to the dentist with a cavity, getting it filled, then eating a shitload of candy afterwards, just making a new cavity, rather than taking care of that tooth, to make sure it stays strong. 

That's the kind of shit that will eventually build up and take it's toll, turning you into a insomniac, not being able to eat, just drink away those thoughts, pass out and wake up with a massive hangover. 

To avoid this, think hard before you make a move- like in chess.  Life is like a game of chess- make the wrong moves and you're fucked. Learn from the mistakes you have made in the previous games so that eventually you will win... yeah I know I'm ranting about randomness.. oh well... signing off- toodaloo!!"

I am impressed on how clear I was thinking back then, even making mistakes after that. We're only human, right?  

Just reading this blog, it's proof that you shouldn't just blow someone's opinion off because of their lack of experience in life compared to you.

I read another blog that I wrote entirely about Pogs, koosh balls, and my other favorites of the 1990s.  It reminded me of how simple life was, back when I was 9 or 10 years old.  When I had a problem, I would distract myself with all the cool stuff in front of me, and focus solely on having fun at that moment.  

What do we do as adults?

I just like this picture. Deal with it.
We sulk, eat a tub of cookie dough ice cream, while watching re-runs of The OC.  

The better way to deal with problems is to evaluate them at a time when you're calm and collected.  Making decisions while you're angry could lead to regret in the end.

Being productive is a better way of distracting yourself from  problems.   If you work, make sure you're there 15 minutes early, and that you do the job right.  If you go to school, same thing.  Homework?  Make realistic deadlines for each hour to break down your assignments, include a break for dinner, so you can submit it on time, without lacking too much sleep.  

Have allergies?  Vacuum your house, do laundry, throw out trash, recycle, get rid of dust.  Feng Shui your space; Clutter, especially stuffed animals, can attract and house more allergins than you can be comfortable knowingly living with. 

To-do lists are a big help as well.  Before you go to bed at night, try to plan the next day, from waking up until you go to bed.  This is especially good if you have problems going to sleep at night because you always think too much about what you have to do the next day. 

Problems are just a part of life; it's how we DEAL with them is what's important.  It is vital for our sanity, especially since adulthood is already complex enough without the bullshit.  

Anyways, if you're ever feeling down,  you're entitled to have a bad hour.  Just know where to draw the line and get on with the rest of your day... and always go to bed with a clear mind!



... and that was how I thought back then... 

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