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Why Do Chicks...
Friday, March 29, 2013
  With the new Facebook look and a few hours of boredom, I've been scrolling down my old (long-ass) statuses and found this gem... this Jersey Girl doesn't have a boyfriend now, but I totally agree with the taken chick I was when I wrote this:

  "I know girls in general hate on each other anyways, for whatever the reason, but when you first meet chicks that have boyfriends (even through a friend), why do they feel the need to be fake and/or give you the stare downs? 

  Honestly- I get it- you think your man is some kind of prize when there's another girl all of a sudden near him (otherwise when you're alone you barely acknowledge him), but I DON'T want your man- taken guys are not attractive to me (I know they're attractive to those really twisted individuals, but not to me). I have a boyfriend and even when I was single, taken guys are just grounds for drama.

  If you don't want your man to leave your pathetic ass, love yourself enough to trust you found yourself a great guy who's willing to put up with your shit by dating you in the first place. If you trust him and treat him like the prize you all of a sudden think he is when another girl is nearby, he'll most likely stay faithful to you unless he's a complete waste of oxygen.

The End."


Told you it was a long Facebook status.

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Unknown said...

I'll be checking out a girl and she'll think I'm staring at her boyfriend and give me the death glare. Then when they figure out that I'm not staring at their man, they're all of the sudden really nice and flattered. It usually makes me laugh but it's actually pretty sad.

That Chick Krys said...

Makes me wonder why chicks get into these relationships to begin with if they feel the need to be/act so possessive.. I love it when their man is like a 3 on a scale out of 10 in terms of their physical appearance and their chicks do this shit.. something is seriously wrong with chicks these days. lol

Unknown said...

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