Deezy went from cleaning tables to topping the German Rap Charts. Check out our exclusive interview.

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John tells us how to 'crack the code', build a fan base and sell music using the internet.

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Oakland rapper G-Eazy drops the official video for 'You Got Me'

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DARENOTS Clockwise from top: Swav, Rev, CJ, Jimmy.
Hey readers!

Jerz here- sharing my latest interview with Swav Piorkowski, drummer from Toronto-based Heavyweight has been voted in by listeners as Jamsterdam Radio's Track of the Month for September! Here is the interview:
supergroup, DARENOTS! Their single


JGIC: Who is Darenots, and what inspired you to form this group?

SP:  DARENOTS is a project I've been planning on doing for the past few years now, just wasn't sure who was going to be a part of it until Rev, Jimmy, and myself started organically writing songs out of beats that I've been creating. The final addition was CJ a couple months in, when we started recording our first batch of finished songs.

JGIC: How did you come up with the name? 

SP: The name came from a line that I heard in Wolf Of Wall Street.  Leo's aunt in the movie says to him, "Looks like you've been into the donuts, I see." The only thing is that she says it in a British accent, so I might have misinterpreted it with 'Darenots' "Looks like you've been into the Darenots, I see." haha. Either way it sounded like DARENOTS to me, and I think it's a pretty cool name for a band.

JGIC: Definitely a cool band name- I dig it! What do you want fans to feel when going to your shows and listening to your tunes?

SP: The music is fun and upbeat. Our live show is high energy. We have a great time performing, and creating the music, so I can only hope that the positive party vibe translates to the fans listening. We're just working on keeping spirits high.

JGIC: So, two of you are members of illScarlett, and one of you is from Trouble & Daughter. How do you balance having multiple projects, as well as fit in time with loved ones? Do you ever miss sleep, like a lot of artists out there?
SP: It's definitely challenging at times to maintain the balance and sleep is most certainly one of the many sacrifices. But when you're having an amazing time being part of something that makes you truly happy and is getting positive feedback, then you will make it work.

JGIC: If you were to form your dream tour, what artists, dead or alive, would you want to tour with?

SP:Touring with Nirvana just as Nevermind was released would be the one for me personally.

As for a fun little dream package of bands that are still alive.. I'd say Gorillaz / N.E.R.D / Transplants  / DARENOTS �� That would be a time.

JGIC: You guys seem like a high-energy bunch.  Would you prefer to play bigger stages at festivals with all that energy, or do you prefer playing more intimate shows at smaller venues?

SP: Down for it all. Both types of shows have their up sides. We just love playing live and entertaining.

JGIC: Loving the tune "Heavyweight", which we are currently spinning in the Jamsterdam rotation.  Was there an actual concept for the music video for it, or was it all just winging it?  Either way, it was a fun video to watch.

SP: Pretty much winging it.. We came up with a bunch shots that we thought would look neat and just spent 2 days shooting. 

JGIC: Any advice for newer artists out there? 

SP: Work hard, but always try to keep it fun. It shows in your product. "Love what you do. Do what you love."

JGIC: Amen. Thank you Swav for your time, and I look forward to hearing more from DARENOTS!

For upcoming shows, and everything else, follow them on YoutubeFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @Darenots



Jase Dillan - 'Venom'
Sunday, October 11, 2015
Boston based rock singer-songwriter Jase Dillan has been making waves on the International music scene receiving radio airplay in over thirty countries. Her latest offering ‘Lovers + Thieves’ is a captivating six track debut EP. Brutally honest lyrics and endearing vocals draw you in from the get-go with Dillan taking the listener on a personal journey of heartache and strength. One dominant message is echoed throughout the record “Lovers and thieves, they both steal your heart, Lovers and thieves, they tear you apart”.

The singer has experienced her fair share of pain yet instead of drowning her sorrows, bares her soul and pours her energy into her music. She picks up the pieces of her past with vigour and all six tracks reflect the good, the bad and everything in between. The balance of delicate, lofty notes followed by powerful, husky tones portray a brave battle with what life has thrown at her. Everyone can identify with at least one if not all of the songs in some way or another and you can’t help but admire Dillan’s honesty and vulnerability. This is a well-structured EP with lyrics, vocals and music fusing together with ease and an artist who is true to themselves. With a combination like this, it certainly looks as though Jase Dillan is on the brink of a successful musical career. Jase will be back in the studio this coming March to record her 2nd Album.

'Venom' and her brand new track 'Predator/Prey' have been added to the Jamsterdam rotation. Jase can be heard during The New Music Show. 'Predator/Prey' debuted on the Jamsterdam Top 10 at #8 on October 11th, 2015.

Diego Deville - 'Queen's Couch'
Saturday, October 10, 2015
Diego Deville is a 4 piece rock band formed in Hamilton, Ontario in 2011 by Jason Lambert and Edward Fernandez. Rob Weir joined the band in early 2012 first as a drummer and then moving to bass guitar. The fourth spot in the band was filled by drummer Junior Clarke.

Diego's biggest influences come from the likes of Sublime, Black Crows, Deep Purple and The Doors.

'Queen's Couch' is about venturing out into the unknown and flipping loss on its head, and turning it into something great. The track can be heard during The New Music Show airing daily at 8am and 8pm.

J.I. Retro - 'GoGetIt'
Friday, October 9, 2015
J.I. Retro has been in Columbus working on creating a whole new sound of Hip-Hop production, and just released his first single in over a year. The track is titled GoGetIt and is set to release on the HiddenArt LP next month which features Wiz Khalifa & Issa Gold.

GoGetIt is the 4th song release from the upcoming HiddenArt LP, which was recorded in the summer of 2014. J.I. Retro's says to expect an EP release in January followed up after Hidden Art. GoGetIt is produced by AdoTheGod, Mix/Master by SheSmacksHard.

GoGetIt can be heard during 'Rap By Night' airing nightly from 9-midnight EST

Old House Playground is a three piece contemporary blues/alt-rock band with roots in the songwriting culture of traditional Greek folk music.

The band consists of Tryfon Lazos on guitars and vocals, Andreas Venetantes on drums and percussion, and Jago Furnas on bass and backing vocals.

In 2009, Tryfon and Andreas together with Conor Loughran (ex bass player), moved from Athens to Manchester to experiment with new musical paths and forms of expression.

September 2014 finds the band with a new bass player. Jago Furnas moved from London to Manchester to join the band and his musicality has proved inspiring. Sugar House’s production has also been key in moving forward. Their latest EP, 'The Great Escape' was released on 22nd June 2015, is the result of this ongoing commitment, and strips down the band’s sound. Melodies are more exposed, there is a fluency to the band’s work, old boundaries have been broken, and new forms created. The new songs have been given airplay around the world and received excellent reviews around blogs and online music press.

The band’s new single “21st Century Glory” is to be released on the 16th of November as digital download but can be heard during the New Music Show airing daily at 8am and 8pm on Jamsterdam Radio.

"Basically i'm Mr. Pussyjuice"
Jamsterdam Radio recently took a trip overseas to Prague, Czech Republic. We were able to catch up with German rapper Deezy Freeman. Deezy's track 'PussyJuice' was voted the track of the month on Jamsterdam back in July and recently hit the top 10 German Rap Charts and has been featured on the largest stations in Germany including MTV Germany.

JR: Who are you?

DF: First of all I want to say thanks for having me, my name is Deezy Freeman and i'm from Germany and basically i'm Mr. "Pussyjuice".

"I got like 40 songs ready"
JR: How did you get to know Andy Wullmer, the CEO of SGM Records?

DF: I was on tour in 2010 and I made a little money but after that I was really broke, I spent all my money, didn't do shit. I ended up working in a club as the guy cleaning tables and one day I was cleaning Andy's table, Andy asked me what I do and I told him I rap. He told me about his alcohol drink called "Pussyjuice" and asked me to do a song for it.

JR: What were your doing before hooking up with SGM Records?
DF: I was always on stage, I used to break dance in middle school and started rapping at the age of 12 and wrote my first verse at 14.

JR: Who can you credit for making Deezy who Deezy is today?
DF: First of all its Bow Wow, he was my idol, then Fabulous and now I listen to a lot of Future, Drake, Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, and Kendrick Lamar. I not only listen to rap, i like to listen to deep house, I look for inspiration.

"Drake killed him!"
JR: As you know, recently there was some beef between Drake and Meek Mill. Who won that battle?
DF: Drake for sure, Drake killed him. "Is that a world tour or your girls tour", "You gettin' bodied by a singer nigga." That shit was crazy.

JR: Do you think Meek's tweet to Drake was meant to be a publicity stunt or does he really not like Drake?
DF: I really think Meek likes honest people, people who are real, and when he found out Drake didn't write his own rhymes, he got into his feelings and started tweeting that shit. I don't think it was a good move but he did it and now he has to stand up to it.

JR: Enough about Drake and Meek lets talk about Deezy, whats on the horizon for Deezy Freeman?

DF: I'm dropping a new song featuring Rayven Justice, he's a singer from the Bay area in California, I'm actually flying there to do a little tour for 14 days, he is taking me on tour with him. We're going to shut it down!
JR: Will there be a new album dropping in the near future?
DF: I've got a few singles coming out but i want to see how the people react to it and if they like it then I'ma just drop an album. I got like 40 songs ready.
JR: We at Jamsterdam Radio are super pumped! G'luck on tour! Thanks Deezy!
DF: Thanks for having me Jay.

Oakland rapper G-Eazy drops his newest music video for 'You Got Me'. G-Eazy was featured on Jamsterdam Radio following his performance at Wayhome Festival in Ore-Medonte in July.

Check the full article here.

'You Got Me' debuted in the Jamsterdam Top 10 on July 30th, 2015. Tune in to hear more from G-Eazy on 'Rap By Night' nightly from 9-midnight.