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Rapper Sun honoured by Houston mayor with his own day

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The month of July is about to have another Sun-Day added to its calendar as emcee, actor and respected philanthropist, Sun, becomes only the fifth local rap artist to receive his own day by mayoral proclamation, joining Trae Tha Truth, who was first, Bun B , Slim Thug and most recently, Lil Keke as the other holders of that honor. Henceforth, July 28th will be know as Sun-Day in Houston and it couldn’t go to a more deserving guy.

A native of Alief, in Southwest Houston, Sun has been using his platform as an artist to give back to his ‘District F’ community via his own Soleil Foundation, through numerous back-to-school drives, health and wellness fairs, sports and fitness camps, shoe drives and holiday food and toy drives to benefit the underserved youth and families of that district.

A close associate of 50 Cent and the G-Unit family, Sun, a relative new-comer to rap music, has already had the benefit of working with a who’s who list of multi-platinum producers such as Havoc of Mobb Deep, Richie Branson and Apex to name a few. He has also toured internationally with some of music’s biggest names such as Eminem, 50 Cent, G-Unit, Mobb Deep and Trey Songz. His associations with the aforementioned, as well as of those of a host of household names in sports, enables Sun to find new and even bigger ways of bringing much needed help to his community. ~ @Sun_Days

Sun recently topped the Jamsterdam Top 10 with his track 'Drop Bandz' featuring Mr.1204. The top 10 can be heard daily at 10am and midnight.

Since releasing their debut self-titled EP in 2011, indie alternative hip hop band Zoo Legacy has had the opportunity to share the stage with acts such as Ms. Lauryn Hill, Classified, Shad, Kardinal Offishal, Ubiquitous Synergy Seekers and the Airplane Boys. The Ottawa-based four piece has also performed at some of Canada’s leading festivals including Bluesfest, NXNE, JUNOfest,Canadian Music Week and among others.

Formed in Ottawa in 2010, Zoo Legacy’s sound can be categorized as alternative hip hop. The bands music blurs the lines between hip-hop, indie rock, R&B, and pop. Consisting of rapper Nick Pouponneau and multi-instrumentalists Mark Milloy, Dominic and Samuel Goss, the bands music appeals to rock fans and hip-hop fans alike. While not easy to pinpoint, Zoo Legacy’s style falls somewhere in the category currently occupied by artists such as Gorillaz, M.I.A., and KiD CuDi.

Zoo Legacy recorded its third project titled 'Departures' in Brooklyn with Juno Award winning producer Gus Van Go (The Stills, Hollerado). The debut track from the album titled 'She'll Never Fall in Love' reached #1 on the Jamsterdam Radio Top 10 on July 24th. 2015. Check out the video and download the track.

Toronto rapper, M.O. Littles has a brand new EP called The Top Off. The 6 song EP was recently released with features from Sicknature of Snowgoons, Ultra Magnus & Blaq Roche. According to M.O. Littles "It's a little something to keep the people with fresh tunes throughout the Summer while they await M.O.'s upcoming album Momentum." Momentum is slated for release in the fall.

You can stream and download The Top Off on Bandcamp

'This Is What I Live For' can be heard during Rap By Night airing nightly from 9pm-midnight Toronto time. Tune in for the best rap you've never heard.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill has recently fired shots at Toronto rap king Drake stating that he doesn't write his own lyrics. Meek fired the shot after Drake did not retweet Meeks new album release to his twitter following.
Meek expresses his frustration at his constant comparison to Drake. "Stop comparing Drake to me too. He don't write his own raps! That's why he ain't tweet my album because we found out!"
Drake was featured on the album, with Meek stating the following on twitter: "He ain't even write that verse on my album and if I woulda knew I woulda took it off my album. I don't trick my fans!"
Toronto city councillor Norm Kelly found himself suddenly involved in the rap feud when he tweeted, "You're no longer welcome in Toronto, @MeekMill."
Meek bit back at the city councillor with a rather controversial post. "Aye white man @norm what gives you the audacity to tell me I can't come somewhere over voicing my opinion. U sound like a thug lol"
Norm Kelly responded back to Meek confused as to why he would make such a claim when visiting Drakes hometown this coming week, "Aye American @MeekMill. Didn't say don't come. Just puzzled why you'd diss a Canadian hero a week before coming to his city."

Meek Mill has a show at Toronto's Molson Amphitheatre on July 28 along with his fiancé Nicki Minaj. Worth mentioning, Nicki is Drake's ex-fling which could also be the seed leading to the rap feud.

Check out the video below for Meek Mill's 2012 release "Amen" featuring Drake.

After taking shots at industry legend Ghostface Killah, Action Bronson temporarily retreats as Ghost makes threats.

The 45 year old Wu-Tang clan member has been in the rap game since 1992. His debut album 'Ironman' hit number one on the Billboard rap charts in 1996. Ghost has been featured in movies, made T.V. appearances and was even featured in video games.

Similar sounding Action Bronson also residing from New York has been active since 2008. At the 2013 BET Hip Hop awards, Action was nominated for Rookie of the Year.

Action Bronson Fires Shots

Ghostface fires back

Ghostface Killah - 2getha Baby

Action Bronson - Actin Crazy

Wilhelm Tell Me - 'Growing Younger'
Friday, July 17, 2015
'Growing Younger' is the new single from Indie-pop band Wilhem Tell Me, who hail from Hamburg and Copenhagen.

Los Angeles, May 2014, sixteen degrees Celsius and overcast. It's fairly early in the morning. Henning, singer of indie pop band Wilhelm Tell Me, removes his sunglasses; he's not in town for sightseeing anyway. Henning's on his way to see Lars Stalfors, producer and key player for The Mars Volta, a band that got pulled out of the underground and awarded a Grammy 2009. Stalfors invited Henning into his studio two days previously...

The cell phone is connected to the speakers and the demo plays. Lars listens intensely, and then, "Ok... wow. These songs are awesome. They've really got something!“

The two decide to work together on an EP. Just a few months later the record, containing five songs, is released under the title 'A Short Story For the Road'. 'Growing Younger' is taken from the EP and officially re-released on September 7th 2015.

'Growing Younger' can be heard during the #NewMusic Show airing daily at 8am and 8pm on Jamsterdam Radio.

Hey readers!

When I watched Caitlyn Jenner's acceptance speech at the ESPY awards when she won the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage, I found it very moving that she got up and shared her story about being transgender, and for her basically speaking up for those who don't have the opportunity/courage to do so, in front of the masses.

Of course, I see the negative online response to her winning that award: "She hasn't been an athlete for decades, and all she had to do is get a sex change, and she gets an award?  Many people have gotten a sex change before her, and they got jack shit....", "There are more deserving people in this world of that award... why her??",  "It's just a publicity stunt, like her attention whoring family"... Stuff like that.

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, was a hard-working, well-respected, Olympic gold-medalist, then married into the Kardashian clan, who ended up with the biggest train wreck in the history of all reality television.  That show, good or bad, got high ratings.  Therefore, they have a huge following.  I don't care about that show, but the fact that Bruce already had the following he did, plus the fact he's a paid motivational speaker, then finally started on his transition into Caitlyn, I applaud her (as Caitlyn, the reference is "her" now) for using her platform and following to speak up for other transgender people/ people in transition, as they are going through their own hardships.

It may seem almost random that she won this award for courage, among a room full of athletes, but I think it is great that a former athlete was rewarded for her courage, being a transgender advocate, and was given that platform to connect a broader audience, whether they're sports fans or not. People are fascinated with her and her family, whether they like it or not.

So, yes, there are people who may be more deserving of this award, but maybe the folks at ESPN were thinking about the ratings? How it would stir up controversy?  Well, good. Controversy gets attention.  That means the worldwide issue of transgenders being bullied, beaten up, murdered, or committing suicide will be brought to your attention, to broaden your way of thinking, and understanding that her speech wasn't to inspire you to be tolerant, but more accepting and respectful of other people's life choices.

Caitlyn Jenner, revived a whole new meaning to the term "acceptance speech", not because she was accepting an award: The meaning of the word "Acceptance", for all to accept  themselves and each other.

Watch the full speech below.


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