"I really never thought of myself as unique. I'm just another soulja in the battle to inspire positivity to others." - Professor B. Check out our exclusive interview with the reggae rocker.

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We drop our Top 5 list for rappers to look out for in 2016. Listen for these artists coming to a speaker near you.

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Jamsterdam Making Moves...
Sunday, January 31, 2016
Jamsterdam Radio was recently notified by streaming service Live365 that they will cease all business on January 31st, 2016 due to the recent changes in sound recording royalty rates:

"The absence of this license will make legally streaming copyrighted musical content prohibitively expensive for many small to mid-sized Internet broadcasters. Live365 relies on this license for many of their broadcast partners and, as such, has hard decisions to make regarding their future in the streaming industry." - Live365

The change will affect our ability to promote artists and bands on our radio station but we are not giving up on our quest to promote unsigned music to the masses. Please stay tuned as new and exciting changes are on the horizon for Jamsterdam Radio.

In the meantime, please join and add your tracks to the facebook group #DiscoverNewMusic

Logic - 'I Am The Greatest'
Thursday, January 28, 2016
Check out the official version of Logic's "I Am The Greatest" track from his new album 'The Incredible True Story'!

Jay Red Eagle - 'Stargate'
Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Red Eagle won two Music Awards in 2006: Best Native American Artist of the Year and Native American Flutist of the Year. In 2007 Red Eagle was voted Flutist of the Year a second time. He is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation. His debut CD was entitled Vision. He was born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and in 2010 he released a second CD titled Cherokee Nation which is also composed of Native American flute music.

Check out Jay Red Eagle's most recent release titled 'Stargate' and his 'North American Flute Meditation' track.

LuBaZuk - 'Nothing'
Saturday, January 23, 2016
Check out alternative organic & authentic rockers LuBaZuk and their recent released track titled 'Nothing'.

LuBaZuK are a rock group from Israel and are making their music in hopes of reaching an audience from around the world, They are currently working on an EP and hope to travel Europe later this year. Check them out!

LuBaZuk- Nothing from Sohini Tal on Vimeo.

JD Era Disses Raekwon
Friday, January 15, 2016
Remember when JD Era was signed to Raekwon's ICEH20 label in 2012? Some thought that the partnership was put into place so that the Wu-Tang Clan member could cash in on Canada's grant system, which awards money to Canadian acts and labels who operate in the Great White North. JD Era expressed concern that the co-sign was a "double edged sword," and that although he put in a lot of work, he "didn’t feel like it hit where it needed to hit."

Well now it appears that JD Era's frustration has become aggression, as he took shots at his former boss in a new freestyle video. Rapping alongside Raz Fresco and Sese in front of a shoe display to promote KOTD, JD Era laid out all of his concerns in a couple of bars, even taking a shot at Raekwon's last project Fly International Luxurious Art. "Don't ask about no Raekwon homie, the past is the past / went from legendary to just money hungry for cash / I hope Donald Trump wins and he deports that ass / and between me and you that last album was trash."

We'll see if Raekwon decides to respond to these barbs through a song of his own.

Alistair James, from Eston in Middlesbrough, north east England, began writing music in 2005 when he was still at school. As a frontman and songwriter, he played shows up and down the country with regular visits to venues like London’s Dublin Castle which led to a small independent record deal, an album and support gigs with bands like The Beat and Twisted Wheel.

Alistair, now endorsed by Taylor’s Guitars, flew to New York in April 2015 to spend three months completing a record with Mark Plati. He settled into his new surroundings by playing a one off gig at The Bowery Electric before recording began at Mission Sound, Brooklyn - a studio that has also played host to Arctic Monkeys and Mumford & Sons. Additional musicians Richard Fortus (Gun’s n Roses, Rihanna), Tommy Mandel (Bryan Adams), Jack Petruzzelli (Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright, Joan Osborne), Cindy Mizelle (Rolling Stones, E Street Band, Steely Dan) and Everett Bradley (Bon Jovie, E Street Band) were added to the mix with Cindy describing Alistair as “the perfect little rock star.”

The New York sessions resulted in Alistairs James’ new single ‘Have You Ever Been Low?’ An infectiously upbeat track which showcases Alistair’s songwriting talent and style perfectly.

‘Have You Ever Been Low?’ will be released on January 29th, 2016 but can be heard during The New Music Show airing daily at 8am/8pm EST (1am/1pm UK time).

Phillie-G Tha Suave Gangsta was born in Dexter, Missouri, soon after, his mother moved to Sikeston, MO from Hayti, MO seeking a better environment to raise him. They lived in poverty on the west side of Sikeston for most of his childhood & he was raised in the beliefs of Non-Denominational Christianity. With his single mother always working 2 jobs & his father in prison, he found the inspiration needed to write poetry & dreamed that someday he would become a famous hip-hop artist. His writing often reflects events he's actually lived through. Prison, health complications, & near-death incidents have all played a role in his life & made him the artist he is today.

In December, Phillie-G released his new single called “Cold Knife” from his upcoming album titled “Divine Intervention”, which is due for digital release in early-mid spring. Anyone who has ever been stabbed in the back by a close friend or family member should share the emotion that Phillie-G felt when the song was written.

Tune in to hear Phillie-G during 'Rap By Night' airing nightly from 9pm-midnight EST.