"I really never thought of myself as unique. I'm just another soulja in the battle to inspire positivity to others." - Professor B. Check out our exclusive interview with the reggae rocker.

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Exclusive Interview: Professor B
Thursday, December 31, 2015
We recently had an opportunity to interview Connecticut reggae rocker Professor B. His track 'Love Sweet Love' is currently in the Jamsterdam daily Top 10 airing at 10am and midnight EST.

JR: Who is Professor B?

PB: A messenger of love from the Most High.

JR: How long have you been an artist and what got you started in the industry?

PB: I've been working my first album for 3 yrs, finally released. I have been in the music industry most my life at all different levels, playing in bands, backing artist, also working a live music club here in the states.

JR: Who were your some of your influences and which artists can you credit for your work?

PB: Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and many of the artist that perform conscious music.

JR: Listening to 'Tough Times' gives me that sipping a Pina Colada on a island type of vibe. I am surprised to hear you are from Connecticut. Does Connecticut have much of a reggae rock scene?

PB: Yes. Many great artist reside here in Hartford & Bridgeport, also CT is very close to NYC.

JR: Which ingredient would you say defines Professor B as unique?

PB: I really never thought of myself as unique. I'm just another soulja in the battle to inspire positivity to others.

JR: The track ’Love Sweet Love’ recently debuted in the Jamsterdam daily Top 10. What is the story behind the track?

PB: To do your part in spreading love and kindest.

JR: What is the main message that 'Tough Times' is communicating to the listening audience?

PB: To keep on keeping on despite obstacles in life.

JR: What can listeners expect in the future for Professor B? Tour? Music Video?

PB: Currently I am seeking publishing, to help develop so I can tour. I am working on a second album cause the music keeps flowing. I am also excited about future videos, they would help express the message.

JR: Any Shout-outs?

PB: Yes, a BIG shout out to Canada’s own Kellie Leigh at Lov3rz Magazine Worldwide. I’ll be featured in the Feb edition.

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