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Hey readers!

I had the opportunity to interview Kaiyzer, Pudgee, and DJ Mr. Phantastik via email on their latest project! Check it out:


JGIC: Hey guys!  What's this new project about?
K: The project is called “Pens-N-Needles”. Tight raps, emcees and beats. Since Pudgee and I are from the old school we wanted to do songs that are for the DJ’s (get it, turntables [needles]), and at the same time show how deadly one can be with the pens. Hence Pens-N-Needles. Everybody’s going in hard with their own styles and making great music together.

The project has nothing but bangers on it. Phantastik has a second meaning to this:

·`Workin’"- featuring: Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, Kaiyzer, DJ Mr. Phantastik. Produced by NewYorkOutlaw. It’s a track about how everybody works hard in their own ways. The grind is a beautiful thing and its good to share our grinds with the public. Jersey Girl, you remember previously said that I was going to retire from the mic and just stick to the business side of things. But, “I tried to retire, but they forced me back in the booth”  By the way, remixes are already in the works!!!
(*JGIC: I am so glad you changed your mind, Kaiyz!)

· "No Te Quiero"- featuring: Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard aka Tracey Adam, Kaiyzer, DJ Mr. Phantastik and a gentleman by the named John Michael. Another production by NewYorkOutlaw. As soon as I heard this beat, I sent it to the homies and the rest was history on this one. This track is about the homies having enough with their Ex’s and are moving on to bigger and better things and that we aren’t coming back to them. Each lady didn’t want us while we were on the grind and now that we are doing better without them, they want us back. We are done with the lies and drama!
(*JGIC: Good move, dudes! You stand by your man or woman even when things aren't ideal- good things are worth toughing it out for in the end!)

· "Gala"- featuring: Kaiyzer, DJ Mr. Phantastik and Mr. Klutch. Produced by Kaiyzernomics own Alexander Dedov out of Russia. The beat is Soul-meets-Gospel-meets-Hip Hop. The track is a song toasting the legends, glorifying the struggle of getting to where we are now. Phantastik is showing love to his favorites in his lyrics. Klutch is showing love to the Kaiyzernomics movement and what it meant and did for his career. Kaiyzer: Letting the world know that I am leaving the microphone and doing what I do but in the back ground. “No more working the boards. I’m now on the Board of Directors cutting checks up.”

· "Oh Yeah I Run It"- Produced by NewYorkOutlaw; features will be a surprise

· "The Revival"- Another production by Alexander Dedov. Featuring: Paul Lipsey, Ronster BGR and Kaiyzer. This track is a about a lyrical revival. Everybody went in!

· "L.H.M."- This one here features DJ Mr. Phantastik and Kaiyzer. This track is one that the people will interact with for real.

JGIC: Who is part of the new project? 
Kaiyzer – @TheRealKaiyzer
Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard – @Pudgeethaphat
DJ Mr. Phantastik – @djmrphantastik
Paul Lipsey @Paullipsey
Ronster BGR ( she’s from East London) – @Ronster_BGR
Mr. Klutch – @Official_Klutch
we got a few others as well.

Production by:
NewYorkOutlaw @NewYorkOutlawz
Alexander Dedov @AlexanderDedov
Myke Forte @MykeForte (UK)

JGIC: How long did it take to complete?
K: We are four songs in and three to go, we will be done in the next few weeks. Hopefully we get this project out by years end to the beginning of the new year.
DJ MP: Not long at all. About a month an a half. We all have our own respected studios so it made it easy for us to get work done. 

JGIC: Where can we download it?
K: The first hit single “WORKIN’” is available for $0.99 on
It will be available on iTunes soon. 
DJ MP: It will be available on all major downloading networks (iTunes, Google Play..etc)

JGIC:  How can fans reach you via social media?
Twitter: @djmrphantastik 
Instagram: @djmrphantastik
Soundcloud: djmrphantastik

Follow on Twitter: @TheRealKaiyzer
Follow on Instagram: KaiyzerTheGreat

Instagram@ Traceyadammusic
Facebook:  Tracey Adam
YouTube: Tracey Adam

Twitter: @pudgeethaphat
Instagram: @pudgeethaphatbastard
Facebook: Pudgee Thaphatbastard
YouTube: Pudgee Thaphatbastard

JGIC: Anything else you would like to add?
DJ MP: Thanks for the love in advance. And download everything that is associated with our names so you can catch up to speed with our movement. 

K: First and foremost I give praises to the Most High for allowing me to still be here and making great music with great people.

Shout out to all the followers, fans, bloggers, DJ’s, emcees, femcees who are showing us love.

Much respect to BGR (@Ronster_BGR), once she sent me the new single off of her RednBlack mixtape, I said I gotta reach out to her and make it happen. Two emails later her people and I chopped it up and the rest is history. She loved my verse on Workin’, I greatly appreciate it. She get nothing but love from me! Check he video out and music at

Peace to my brother Paul Lipsey (@Paullipsey), we have been grinding together since the 90’s. Even when I left the business for 16 years, we picked up and started where we left off. He’s working on a serious of mixtapes and has numerous releases as well.

Shout out to TDS Records in Australia, DS Stanlee has been supportive since my return to the music. He recently signed a few artists from the previsou Kaiyzernomics mixtapes and just released the US/Canada/Asutralian collaborative album called Global Scale, the project is dope.Some of my favorites on that project are: Easy-okokok by Canadas own Jblizz (@JBlizz905) and Prez-P (1_Prez_P).  OOOPS (Another Way) by Paul Lipsey.  Word Around Town featuring Phantastik, Mr. Klutch and Enotez.
I like all the records on the project, too many to list here.

Shout out to JBlizz and The Illish team (@ILLISHCLOTHING on Instagram). We’re about to do somethings!

Shout out to the producers on this project!

Twitter: @MykeForte
IG: mykeforte

Twitter: @AlexanderDedov

JGIC: Thank you for your time, and looking forward to hearing more from you!

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