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Hey readers!

  The idiots of the week happen to be a group of teenagers from Jersey City, New Jersey who have come up with a new game called "Knockout".  No, it's not a video game about boxing- it is a deadly "game" where a group of kids blow cheap shots at random, innocent bypassers on the street to showcase how tough they are to their dumb friends, how hard they can pack a punch, while victimizing people who are innocently walking by themselves, coming off as defenseless or vulnerable.  Check out this video for more:

  These sheep may as well share one brain.  Who honestly does this and thinks this is awesome or funny??? Just because you go and punch out random, unprepared people, doesn't mean you're automatically a good fighter- it just means you're a pathetic bully who is out to impress people who shouldn't actually matter to you.

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out IS a game
  These kids say it's not out of anger, and it's all in good fun, but when it's sending people to the hospital with life threatening conditions, such as, I dunno... concussions, brain damage, internal bleeding, broken necks or unfixable cervical spine degeneration from their heads landing on elevated curbs, or other head trauma- that doesn't seem like fun at all.  If any of the victims to this stupid game (God forbid) end up dying, I hope all of these idiot teenagers get locked up and charged with multiple counts of assault, as well as 2nd degree murder.

 The fact these kids feel "macho" when they punch out random, unprepared people:  If this were a real game or sport, both sides would be trained mentally and physically to block and/or fight back, like professional boxers do, for example.  I know these kids aren't out to fight, but I'm sure if these kids were to be in situations where they mess with the wrong person, and the victim gets up and fights back, these kids wouldn't be prepared for it. Violence is never fun, nor is it the answer to killing boredom. Though, watching this video makes me want to reach into the screen and punch all these clowns out for being so mindless.

  This raises the question: Where are the parents of these teenagers???  Aren't they ashamed that their kids grew up to be such wastes of perfectly good oxygen?  OR Are the parents proud that their kids know how to pack a punch on innocent civilians?  Either way, this is an emergency for good parenting to be enforced.

  Another thing I've noticed as I scrolled through the comments on this video on YouTube:  Most of the comments were racist and unnecessary.  Those ignorant comments have actually taken away what the message of this news story is about in the first place, which is informing viewers that a group of teenagers find violence to be all fun and games.  It's like these people who commented are disregarding the serious issue of the lack of character building among youth in Jersey City, and taking it to a whole other level of ridiculousness and negligence.

  Needless to say, I am very worried about the future generations- if these are the future leaders, as well as future parents, the world is pretty much screwed.


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