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Hey readers!

Boyfriend jeans done right.
  I was having a conversation with my best girl friend about the trend of "Boyfriend Jeans", and I used to think the whole point of the look is to mimic the "walk of shame" look like you just left your man's house in the morning, and decided to wear his favorite worn-out, faded jeans with your high heels.  I dig the "walk of shame/morning after" look- I'm very intrigued by it when it can still look clean with a little grit.

Boyfriend jeans with stars all over them...

  Anyway, now that these jeans made for women have been altered with a more flattering fit in the crotch area, to me they look more like classic to skinny fit women's jeans with holes, stars, or Jazzy Jewelry gems all over them.  Now what's the point of calling them "boyfriend jeans"?  What kind of boyfriend wears jeans that look like he raided his girlfriend's closet?? <wait for it...>

  I was on Instagram earlier, and saw a short rant by the one and only Walz Rantz as he expressed his frustration with his new hobby of telling kids to pull their damn pants up, and I realized dudes these days are either rocking the baggy pants with their crotch grazing their knees, or they're wearing skinny jeans.  It's like a rare occurrence to see guys (mainly of the younger generation) actually wear their jeans in a nice, normal, and masculine way these days.

This look is pure prison lingerie.
  I read somewhere that the origin of these baggy, sagging jeans came from prison, where they weren't
allowed to wear belts, but also if the man's waistband was below his butt, it's like a signal for other cellmates that he's "down for ass play with them".  Is that the message boys sporting this style are really trying to express?  (For the record: I have yet to meet women who actually find this look sexy or attractive).  Guys still pointlessly wear belts with this look- but I can still see their underpants!  Somewhere out there, there must be some sad young fool walking around showing off his skid-marked underwear.

You sure these are for men??

 Going back to guys wearing skinny jeans:  Who honestly started this trend?  Did it come from the 80s when guys in hair bands tried to look as much like their girlfriends as possible?  Was the birth of "boyfriend jeans" inspired by guys wearing what appears to be their girlfriend's or sister's jeans?  I like to refer to men's skinny jeans as "Girlfriend Jeans" for this reason.  I've seen them in an array of colors, usually paired with some graphic tee, or fitted indie band t-shirt, or some loose-fitted top of some sort that make some guys look like they're prepubescent girls trying to hide their newly-developing curves... meanwhile, they probably find it cute that everyone can see their bulge (or lack there of).  Either way, it can be a distracting train wreck to see a guy in skinny jeans.

  I guess we're in the period in history where anything goes, nothing is gender-specific anymore, not even jeans.  That's okay and all- but no matter how you choose to wear your denim, I totally agree with Walz: Pull up your damn pants.



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