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Hey readers!

Thank you to everyone on this page!
  Last month I went to the Living Arts Center in Mississauga, Ontario to see a classical music show called "Russian Treasures", conducted by Maestro Denis Mastromonaco.  For lack of a better word to describe the show, it was magical!  I was mesmerized- I couldn't take my eyes off the stage, witnessing the sheer passion as every musician effortlessly played with great emotion, and the synchronizing was nothing short of perfection.

  With every set, I felt as though I've been taken to a romantic, enchanting place and era where men were
men, and women were ladies.  I seriously felt more cultured as I left after the show.  I've actually been to this show back in 2010 and thought it was amazing, even from way in the balcony, but this time, sitting in the Orchestra seats, I can see every one of the many talented musicians' faces.

  Looking around the full auditorium, I have noticed the majority of the audience were dressed up, which is nice to see at an event in Mississauga.  Going to classical music concerts really do make the perfect date night, or even just a great excuse to dust off your favorite (classy) party wear.  I mean, how often do most of us get to get all glammed-up in the year?  Probably not too often.  It's a lot of fun!  It was a great experience just sitting down and taking in the sounds of Modest Mussorgsky, Mikhail Glinka, and Tchaikovsky.  If you don't know of these classic composers (which I didn't until I went to the show), check them out- great tunes to read a book to, or just relax on a random day.

Thank you to everyone on this page as well!
  During the beginning of the 2nd set, featured pianist, Valerie Tryon floated onto the stage in her gorgeous gown, and I could feel her great presence even before she started to play.  There was a point during that set where her playing
along with the orchestra really tugged at my heart strings, as it made me want to go home, tune my piano and start playing again.  Truly inspiring.

  From beginning to end, the entire show was inspiring.  I won't sit here and tell you the meaning behind each and every number played, but I will definitely recommend hitting up the future shows, especially if you're a true fan of the arts!  Oh, and yes, there are drinks sold at the bar in the lobby, so you can enjoy refreshments before the show, as well as during the short intermission.

  The next scheduled show will feature a pianist/trumpet player, Guy Few.  Apparently, this man possesses the talent of simultaneously playing both instruments (and at times, both at once).  Check check him out the video below:

  Pretty stoked to see this live!!  The next show will be on Saturday, November 23rd.  Details in the poster below- get your tickets soon.  Hope to see you all there!


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