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Hey readers!

  After taking over the airways with multiple singles on your favorite station, Jamsterdam Radio, for the past couple of years, Australian-based hip-hop artist, Kaiyzer and his team put together a 30-track mixtape available online {Click Here To Download}, featuring various hip hop artists from all over the globe, appropriately named "The Global Takeover".  

  I had the opportunity to individually interview a few of the artists who are featured on the mixtape, so this week, I'll start off with sharing my interview with the man himself, Kaiyzer.  Here it is:
       JGIC:   What inspired you to get into music? 
       Kaiyzer: Music has always been in my blood ever since I could remember. So for me it came naturally.

JGICHow did you start? 
Kaiyzer: While perfecting my craft, I learned the business end of things first, then me being an artist was secondary. Because I wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes, and was learning and making some connections. I stayed in the studio collaborating with artists from all over the world. I produced my own public access video show and it had a good run. I got my start in more ways than one.  My first recording contract came after my first show, so the game has been good to me and at the same time I was feeling the negativity that comes from within the business.

How did you find artists to collaborate on projects? 
Kaiyzer: Most artists that I have worked with in the past was just me meeting them at the studio or from another artist. On the Kaiyzernomics project most of the artists I worked with were connects from Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, I knew some artists from working in the past with them (whether it was from my video show interviews, marketing and promotions, etc.) and they were happy to see come back to the game after 1996. I met Klutch via Twitter, I sent him a DM and he replied. We listened to each other's music and the rest has been history since. DJ Mr. Phantastik I met through my homie DJ Emmo, he came to one of the Kaiyzernomics sessions and once Phantastik and I linked up it's been a wrap! We haven't even hit our pinnacles yet. There's more to come!
Klutch and I are forming a partnership soon. Phantastik and I are working on some things too. So who knows Whats about to jump off. I will tell you this much, no matter what if a label or distribution company wants to work with me they gotta be willing to work with Me, Klutch and Phantastik and now we got new Fam overseas in @beeezmusic: we are collectively known as TVDV: THE FIVE DEADLY VENOMS! I've had a few offers on the table from investors and such, but the lack of support that they had for the artists that I'm working with I walked away from those deals. Because if you working with Kaiyzernomics you gotta work with the whole team or be willing to give me the creative control to put on artists like Klutch, Cool Quest, Phantastik and others.
Shout out to DS at TDS RECORDS in Australia. He has been open to the ideas that I've placed on the table so far. We are working through things, so the love and respect is there on both parts. We are currently working on a collboarative with artists from the Kaiyzernomics team, HHRS and the TDS family. The concept for that project is dope and more details are forthcoming! Y'all will be the first to know.

What are your top 3 fondest moments being an artist? 
Kaiyzer: 1- the fact that I got signed after my first show at NYC spot from back in the day called Sweet Water's
2- just being able to make some great music on my own and with many of the artists that I have collaborated with throughout all these years.
3- This Is answer is in two parts. Part one: meeting all the wonderful people that I have in this industry whom after 16+ years being removed from the game; are still there supporting me. Part two: the doors that Kaiyzernomics   2013 and The Global Takeover have opened. I mean all the downloads and love has been tremendous. Two project doing good numbers, compared to everything else I've done. These were the most successful.

JGIC:  What do you find is the toughest part of being an artist?
Kaiyzer: The toughest part is just having people separate me from the next artist. Folks will be like I need you to sound like so and so. I'm like no this is me, take it or leave it. I'm not going to sell myself out for mass appeal!

Favorite artists? 
Kaiyzer:  My favorites are as follows (in no particular order): Tupac, Scarface, Ice Cube, Kendrick Lamar, Notorious BIG, Michael Jackson, KRS One, The Legion, Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, Diamond D,  Jay Z, MC Ren, WC, Ice T, Nas, 50 Cent, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Paul Lipsey, Mr Klutch, Cool Quest, DJ Mr Phantastik, Positive K, ENotez, Poetic Lace, Tha Vill, OutKast, Naughty By Nature, MC Lyte, YoYo Queen Latifah, De La Soul, all artists from the west coast. The No Limit Family (The did there thing back in the days). There are too many to name right now, but I love Hip Hop artists as a whole!

JGIC: I have seen one too many musicians with jealous girlfriends because the stereotype about musicians is that chicks dig them, so of course, there would be potential for groupies hanging around them. If you are/were in relationships, how would you deal with groupies? 
Kaiyzer: Groupies will always be around, that's the nature of the business! I'm like this if I'm with my lady, she need not to be jealous. She's the one I chose so it's all on me to keep my self in check when these groupies come around. If she is so insecure about herself when the next chic is around then she can either see the exit or be cut off like a Con Edison. I tell a groupie like this I'm taken and if you can't respect the fact that I got a lady and I'm happy then you should be happy for me and respect my decision. If not, then you have no self respect and if the shoe was on the other foot you won't like to be disrespected either. So we can be cool and hangout, but respect my relationship.

JGIC: Amen.  If you could form a “dream tour” with any musicians of your choice, deceased or living, who would you choose? 
Kaiyzer: Wow!!! My dream tour would be to bring every rapper dead and alive on one stage and have them rock out with the Kaiyzernomics Team. I would also add Metallia a, U2 and Depeche Mode to the mix. That's an awesome show!

JGIC: That would be one insane tour!  
Any shout outs? 
Kaiyzer: First of all, let me say, Thank God for allowing us to get up each day and do what we do to keep our art form alive and kicking. Secondly, thank you JerseyGirl and The big dawg Jay Hunt at Jamsterdam Radio for this opportunity tote out voices and music be heard on you're radio station. Tell Jay we got 32 #1's on this project. :) One for each week!
Yeah, let's shout out everyone on the Global Takeover: @beeezmusic for their hard efforts in making this project happen. Also, I'd like to commend everyone that contributed to The Global Takeover Mixtape: DJ Mr Phantastik, Mr Klutch, The Cool Quest, Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard, Casanova Rud, ENotez, JBlizz, Neno Rocwell, Tha Vill, JSyence, Gran Fortune, CB Wonder, Koto, Kostello, Masha Sheikh, Sonik, Pinkmachette, Loer Velocity, L.I.F.E Long, Espinoza, Lady Kiz, Stan, EmraS, Point 9, Tron Sagas, PJay, MC Phreaze, Myke Brillz, Earl-D, Crystaals, Decoy, Ocho, Optometrist, Double A, K Will, Syracuse Doom, lml, Keez, Jessica Nicole and Prez-P.
 Let's shout out my Australian fame DS Stanley, TRS records, Mon'arq at Hip Hop Rap Sheet. They were very instrumental in the success of Paul Lipsey and I's last mixtape compilation KAIYZERNOMICS 2013: THE FINAL CURTAIN CALL!
One big Shout Out to our nation know as Hip Hop!
Respect and Salute,

JGIC: Yes!  Thank you Kaiyz, for taking the time out of your schedule for this interview!  Anything else you would like to add? 
Twitter: @TheRealKaiyzer
Instagram: TheRealKaiyzer

Current Mixtape:

JGIC: Always a pleasure, and we look forward to hearing more from you!

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- @JerZGrlinCanada
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