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Hey Readers!

This is a post on my blog page from last November, days before I joined the Jamsterdam team!  I haven't written anything there in a while, but if you choose to follow it, and you see anything new that you wouldn't see on Jamsterdam, it's probably because it's way too girly to reach out to all of our lovely men and women who visit this site.  Enjoy!


  So I was on twitter a few days ago and saw a buddy of mine was in New Jersey to watch some football and this thought crossed my mind about this teacher I had in the 10th grade... I forgot her name, but she was a Hair and Esthetics teacher. Yes, I know- my mind drifts kinda far out there.

  One topic she got the class to discuss: "Who was born outside of Canada?"

  A few of us raised our hands.  When she asked me where I was from, I told her "New Jersey". Then she asked what kind of food was a delicacy in New Jersey.  To me, it was Italian food, so I told her that.

  She gave me this highly confused face and replied, "ITALIAN FOOD???  No- you're wrong. It's hoagies- I've been there."  I even saw a few chicks in my class (who, mind you, probably never been past Buffalo, NY before) had screw face like, "What is she talking about- Italian food??"  

  Bitch teacher never questioned anyone else in the class where they were from.  It was like she'd only believe me if she saw my birth certificate and old photos.  If we were supposed to learn about hair, makeup and nails,  why the heck was she trying to give us lessons on what food was eaten where? Who the hell did she think she was?  Did she feel like she had secret psychic powers (where she could see what I personally ate when I was a NJ kid) or was she just too high off all the peroxide she inhaled every day?  Really- who does that??  A dumb bitch of a teacher- that's who.

  I will NEVER forget that.  Never have I ever been questioned about where I came from, or what I ate for that matter.  I wasn't a very outspoken kid at the time (with my braces, acne, short hair cut, and all) so I just gave cut eye quietly as my blood boiled.  It was MY LIFE EXPERIENCE living in Roselle, NJ and Tenafly, NJ- I remember Italian food!!!  Maybe it was influenced by, I dunno, the large Italian population living there??

  This raises the question: Why the hell do people feel the need to question others about stuff that has nothing to do with them?  If all you're going to do is pick on someone to make yourself feel smart, then you're a full-out waste of oxygen and you need to desperately get a life.

  Moral of the story: Never question someone's beliefs or their roots. Not your life, not your problem.

Anyways, that was something I needed to release.  That's better. :)

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Have a great weekend! :)
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