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A Night with Kiefer
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
It was a quiet Friday night when myself and Wheels from The Sound Off took a street car ride down to the Cadillac Lounge in downtown Toronto. We planned on grabbing just a beer, but one beer turned into a night of multiple beers followed by Jager-Bombs with Kiefer Sutherland AKA Jack Bauer/ Ace. Kiefer danced the night away and had a good chit chat with Jamsterdam Radio. Unfortunately we didn't want to kill the buzz so no audio clips were recorded with Kiefer this evening but we did catch a couple clips of our mild intoxication through out the night.

Also featured this week are a couple of clips of Dickie Crayons and his first time golfing. Dickie was able to muster up a score of 79 on 9 holes while losing two dozen balls. #NewMusic this week features "Neon NiteClub", Leeds UK Rockers "Faith In Violence", and Canadian Rapper "Mezziah". Brand new Walz Rantz this week features Walz ranting about Urban Clubbing. Tune in daily this week from 6pm-7pm EST.

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