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Hey readers!


Sweet!  He's also Superman! 

With all these awesome bands I've been interviewing, and that you have been hearing on your favoriteToronto- based online station, Jamsterdam Radio, I realized that it would be great to pay tribute to where most musical genres originated from: classical music.  I am pleased and honored to have had the opportunity to interview Maestro Denis Mastromonaco, who I will see conduct a classical music concert with the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra this Saturday, October 12 at the Living Arts Center!  Here is the interview:

JGIC:   When was the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra established and who was the founder?
DM: The MSO was founded in 1972 through a group of local residents with the help of the City of Mississauga’s Arts Department with the desire to bring orchestral music to the community.

JGIC:     With the abundance of new music on the airwaves, why is it important we continue to incorporate classical music into our lives?
DM: Classical music has more value to society than it being simply entertainment. Classical music is rich in tradition, history and there is a satisfaction to listening to quality music. That includes the importance of a live performance which is a communal setting, people sharing an experience together, a moment that cannot be duplicated.

Maestro Denis Mastromonaco
JGIC:   How many members of the MSO are there?
DM: We are an 85 piece symphony orchestra with full strings and complete winds, brass and percussion.

JGIC:    What inspired you to get into music?
DM: As a child, music was always in the household and it was usually a variety that included folk music and opera. As I began to study music I quickly realised the impact it had on my life and the incredible satisfaction of creating music as art.

JGIC:    What is the process like to join an orchestra?
DM: This depends on the orchestra. In a professional orchestra there would be an audition process that begins with submitting a resume and possibly a recording or video. There may be multiple rounds of auditions, having to perform for a hiring committee before decisions are made.
JGIC:    What are your personal favourite musicians?
DM: I have always admired Carlos Kleiber and Riccardo Muti for their passion towards the music as cultural arts.

JGIC:     What are your fondest memories from your experiences with the MSO?
DM: Hearing the applause of the audience, following the final notes of the concert, as I look to the faces of the orchestra and see a sense of triumph and accomplishment.

JGIC:    Why should patrons be excited about the 2013/2014 concert season?

DM: This season the MSO will be bringing an incredible experience to our patrons. The great sound of the orchestra, playing the finest works in the repertoire all in the wonderful acoustics of Hammerson Hall in the Living Arts Centre.

JGIC:     Anything else you would like to add? 
Twitter: @MSymph
Also on Facebook and Linkedin. Find us under the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra.

JGIC:  Thank you for taking the time for this interview with Jamsterdam Radio!  

  I look forward to the concert this Saturday at 8pm!  I plan to dress up for the occasion because, well, why not?  A beautiful classical music concert is more than deserving as an occasion to get all dolled up for!   Here is the event flyer (click on the image to enlarge):
See you there! 
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