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5 Q's with TeeJay Foy
Saturday, April 13, 2013
Louisiana rapper TeeJay Foy answers five questions from Jamsterdam Radio. TeeJay's track "Living Golden" is currently in the Jamsterdam Radio Top 10 which can be heard at midnight EST nightly.

Jamsterdam: What inspires you most to write a verse? Love, money, fame?
TeeJay: What inspires my verses is mostly the fan who hears my song because i do it for them.

Jamsterdam: Who are your biggest influences?
TeeJay: My biggest influences would have to be Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Big L, Drake.

Jamsterdam: Your track titled "Living Golden" has cracked the Jamsterdam Top 10. Explain "Living Golden" and what is the song about?
TeeJay: Living Golden came about when i was trying to live golden but couldn't due to lack of currency.

Jamsterdam: How do you feel about having radio stations play your music without getting paid?
TeeJay: I mean its alright because im still considered a nobody im just trying to get heard at the moment.

Jamsterdam: An artist typically doesnt have a 5 year plan but what do you see at the end of the tunnel? What's the 5 month plan?
TeeJay: I see myself at the age of 24 with a successful rapper career and with my own label,and my five month plan would be dropping my mixtape "Raided Thoughts" and Ep with Slicka Slim "For The Westside", then working on my new project "The Pelican Brief" that will drop later in the year.

Jamsterdam: Any shout-outs?
TeeJay: Shout out to Mighty Muzik, Westside New Orleans, and my fans.

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