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Why Do Chicks... 2nd Edition
Monday, April 8, 2013
Hello, my sexy readers!  

  Welcome to the 2nd edition of my vent I call "Why Do Chicks.."  I try staying in my zen bubble, but some chicks are just so in your face with their stupidity, that they make it tough to ignore them.. I'm sure someone out there feels my pain, so I write about it!  You are not alone.  Again, this is an opinion piece, so if you strongly dislike other people's opinions, you've clicked on the wrong blog because this Jersey girl WILL be opinionated.

  Question of the week:  Why do a lot of chicks, no matter how they look like on the outside (from good looking, to even the less-than-average looking), have the ugliest personality traits?  

This is how you look when you give strangers dirty looks.
  Why do chicks give the death stare to chicks they don't even know?  I get it, we are full of estrogen and can be catty as hell... but why can't we be more like guys where they just live and let live for the most part (well, REAL men do anyways)?

  I know this happens everywhere, but I'm prominently noticing the hardcore cattiness in the suburbs of Toronto... particularly Mississauga.  You can be THE hottest, cutest, prettiest girl on the outside, but with a shitty, fake, superficial, catty attitude like that, you should be placed on a pedestal for "The Ugliest Woman on Earth". 

Some chicks are two-faced, like Jekyll and Hyde.
  An example of an ugly woman:  I knew this guy who dated this (very) physically attractive chick who was one way while around him- seemingly sweet, caring about finding the cure for cancer, nice to everyone, etc... but the minute the chick wasn't around the boyfriend, she is a totally different person.  She would be loud and obnoxious; and at parties, she would just sit there and text while everyone else was having a good time, giving the evil eye to every chick she saw, and seemed like all she cared about was her fake tan and manicure.  This is just one example of how vindictive and snake-like chicks can really be!  This is how a lot of two-faced bitches get married- they put on this whole facade of being wife material when they aren't!

Fire-breathing bridezilla.
  Another one that really gets me is when a lot of women all of a sudden make the transition from 'girlfriend' to ' fiancée ', or ' fiancée  to wife', they go from being fun and awesome in every way, to showing their true colors, being vicious, nasty, nagging bitches.  It's like the new pieces of finger jewelry have some kind of evil power over these women... Girls:  just to let you know:  gold and silver are just metals, and diamonds are just rocks found in the dirt that happen to sparkle and last forever... also, they once touched animal, and possibly human poop.  Remember that, and drop your horseshit.

  Don't get me wrong- I'm friends with girls in actual healthy relationships and I am very happy for them- my sister just got engaged and I couldn't be happier for her, as I know she's always been herself around her man.  I've also met a lot of awesome chicks, particularly at Irish pubs.  I'm just pointing out some worst-case-scenarios that happen quite often.  If you show your true colors to people while you're single, you're more bound to land the person who is the best fit for you when you do find someone.  If someone thinks you're awesome while you're being your true self, and has seen you at your worst, that's love right there. 

  Anyways, this was a bit of an all-over-the-place rant inspired by the bitches I've encountered in the past two weeks, and all the bitches I have ever encountered in my life so far.

  Shout outs to the booth of loud, obnoxious, nasty bitches who couldn't stop giving me the death stare (while I was minding my business lunching with a friend last week).  I don't even know these chicks, who most likely work at Bell Mobility in Erin Mills Town Center in Mississauga, who apparently get drunk on their lunch breaks while visibly in uniform at Pickle Barrel.  Whoever told you that's professional behavior while visibly in uniform needs to be fired immediately.

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Unknown said...

lol wow. This type of behaviour has to come from the way that we groom girls at a young age, that coupled with genetics and personal insecurities (everyone's family life/social life is different) makes for some disastrous and vapid human beings (think Paris Hilton). I feel more pity than anything else though. Think of how miserable these girls must be. All their value is placed on their tans, their nails, their phones, what kind of emptiness lurks there I wonder? Sadness too when all that's gone. I'm interested to know what a REAL man is though, is that just not being an asshole while also a boy? Pretty sure I can do that too while being female :P