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Mia Pearl - 'World On Fire' (Acoustic Pop)
Friday, November 20, 2015
Oxford songstress Mia Pearl’s new song World On Fire is an eclectic mix of folk, pop and rock, filled with acoustic and bass guitars and happy go lucky percussion. Mia's lyrics take the listener on a trip and her husky delicate voice. The song is all about the "feel good" factor with Mia's lyrics telling us to "break free" and "cut the chains". The imagery evokes pictures of innocence, children chasing butterflies and trips into the countryside where anything can happen. Mia’s song can feel like an anti-dote to the grit and grime of everyday life, with her inviting us to mosey into the wild. Wild at heart, Mia Pearl is one to watch and has been described as a “hidden gem” in the acoustic scene in Oxford.

Mia is Pearl is a duo between sultry songstress Mia Pearl and quick fingered guitarist Matt Oultram. Mia Pearl’s songs weave in between acoustic, rock, and indie, citing eclectic influences from Fleetwood Mac, 90s Britpop and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Mia’s vocals are delicate and husky tones, sliding from the soft to the soulful in their tracks. Described by pop sensation Nizlopi as “a hidden gem”. Mia Pearl have been breaking out on the Oxford and London acoustic scene and are in the process of writing their first album.

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