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Taylorman - Count This Paper
Sunday, June 28, 2015
Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio Torell “Taylorman” Taylor (Born March 5,1982) has what it takes to bring a new impact to the music industry after becoming Toledo’s 2 time Hip Hop Fox 36 Toledo Idol in 2008!!!!! He carries a passion for his art and a sharp business mind to run his company.

The Artist/Producer/ CEO, is currently living in New York City and is currently signed to his own independent music label Taylorman Music Group LLC. Since 2003 the talented songwriter/producer (Taylorman) has been attacking the business for about almost 12 years now distributing,marketing,promoting & funding his own music projects,music videos,mixtapes and albums,and performing continuously in New York City nightclubs serving listeners the entertainment they would like to hear as he remains in the spotlight with his sounds now on different FM Radio stations in the South Region detected by Mediabase Weekly Reports in 2014.

He has appeared in several newspapers, and television shows and showcases between both states Ohio & New York. The talented songwriter is very versitile with his lyrics, so in some cases you may hear him on R & B levels of music, pop, dance, party or even some street levels of music, either way this artist has no limits within music all together even with producing music, his creations are very amazing.

Tune in during the #NewMusic show daily at 8am and 8pm to hear "Count This Paper" on Jamsterdam Radio.

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