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Poetic Lace Unconcealed
Monday, May 18, 2015
Poetic Lace, real name Le’Serone “Lace” Smith, was born February 8, 1988 in Compton California. He, his mother Monika Logan, and younger brother Johnny Smith, moved to Jacksonville Florida shortly after the murder of his father, Trennis “Pretty P.T” Woodman, nephew of the late Johnny Guitar Watson. In Jacksonville, Poetic Lace and his only two family members, moved in with his adopted grandparents, Ann and Andrew Logan. Up until their deaths, Le’Serone was one of their primary care providers. Insulin shots for diabetes, changing diapers, preparing food, constant hospital trips are just a few of the task Le’Serone had to face at a young age. He spent his childhood days caring for his family, playing Pop Warner football, hanging with friends, and going to school.

Check out his recently released track "Unconcealed" which is based on his story. Read more on Poetic Lace's history at

In February 2014, Poetic Lace turned 26 years old. His desire to please God and grow in his career had reached a very high level. By February 14, 2014, Soul Therapy had remained on Jamsterdam’s Top 10 list since December 8, 2013. Poetic Lace is the first Gospel artist to do this on the station.

Poetic Lace is rising up the Jamsterdam charts yet again. Tune in for "Rap By Night" airing nightly from 9pm - midnight EST (6pm-9pm on the West coast). Following "Rap By Night" its the Jamsterdam Top 10 at midnight (9pm PST).

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