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Hey readers!

Best.V-Day card. EVER.
  As each unmarried year of my life passes, I have finally come to terms with the fact I do actually care about this stupid Hallmark holiday, more than I've ever been willing to admit.  Whether I've been single, and told myself everything from, "F*** this holiday where we don't even get a school/work day off- it's just another day!" to when I was in a relationship and told myself, "Ah, we should show each other love every day of the year anyways, not just when the calender tell us to!  It's okay that he made an appointment to meet with his web designer tonight of all nights.", whenever February 14th comes along, it has killed a small part of my soul when there was no romance.

  Is it just me, or as we get older, V-day becomes more and more important, unless you're perfectly happy being a lonely troll that lives under a bridge?  If you stay at home and watch chick flicks on Netflix all night in your Cheeto-stained house clothes to avoid the lovey-doveyness in the air amongst couples parading around town with their grocery store-bought roses in one hand, and their lover's hand in the other, don't you feel a bit bitter inside, or mad at yourself that you even care to begin with?  If you're planning a night with your single friends on this day, I'm sure at least a few of you are partially hoping to meet someone potentially special while out, whether you openly admit to it, or not.  Yes, when you're out with your friends, it's all about enjoying their company... but realistically, you know there's at least one of you that is scoping out the scene while Britanny talks about her new eyelash extensions.

LOL!! I can't...
  So then... what does a single girl who doesn't care to go out with a bunch of other singles, nor cares to go out speed-dating, do on Valentine's Day to keep herself happy?  She buys herself roses, dresses at least presentable, puts on her face, gets ready and reads a book, or engages in other hobbies she loves doing- for herself.  Single guys in the same boat, maybe do the same things... minus putting on your face... unless you're into wearing makeup.  No judgement here.

  Maybe hang out with a (singular) friend of the gender of interest and go for dinner, or cook at home, so it's kind of like a mock-date, but you and the friend have been mutually 'zoned already, to avoid accidents or awkwardness the next day.  Dress up like you would on a regular date, do your hair, and all that.  Maybe even dust off the lightsaber and play Star Wars while drinking some nice wine.    

"Let's play Star Wars", said the most awesome person to live!
  No matter what time of year, if you're getting over a (really heart-wrenching) breakup, or any other kind of trauma, definitely don't turn to alcohol or drugs- it will just make things worse.  Maybe take some time to cook meals for yourself for the week, and replace booze with something healthy like an all-natural fruit/veggie drink you made with your juicer.  Read or watch something inspirational and uplifting while enjoying your healthy drink.  Rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit during tough times.

  If you have a gym membership, going during the prime time people start going out for V-day dinner would probably be your best bet if you want to work out in a nearly-empty gym.  Blow off some steam, or simply work on legs- just take your time and feel the sweet burn of lactic acid flowing between your hard-worked muscles.

February 15: Cheap Candy Day! :D
  I know: so far, it seems like I'm mainly catering to introverts, but we make up about 25% of the general population!  Being an introvert doesn't necessarily mean we hate people, or we're anti-social or shy, it just means we like to unapologetically have the option to spend time with ourselves, regardless if everyone else is out being social butterflies at the time, or not.  Valentine's Day can also mark a day for those single introverts to recharge for the next social gathering.  Nothing wrong with that.
   Surviving V-day, whether you have a good one or not, has its perks though: if you're a candy lover: all that Valentine's candy goes on sale on the 15th!  *Joy*.  Just remember to pace yourself, or book a dentist appointment to have cavities filled in about a week.

What will you be doing on Valentine's Day?


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