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People Don't Return Texts, Calls, or Emails
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Hey readers!

Preach it, Raven.
  What's it with people who don't return texts, calls, or emails?  I'm simply asking for a reply when I ask a question, not asking you to move mountains, or end world famine within the hour...just a reply, for f*** sakes.  I honestly wonder who made this practice into the new standard of social behavior, as I'd really like to high five them in the face with a desk!

  What boggles my mind is that more and more people are investing in smartphones, I am assuming for the sake of being more accessible, yet the same people are the ones who are the last to reply to friends or colleagues.  What's up with that?  

  On the flip side, when you hang out with these same people in person, they are the first to always look at their phone screen, texting, tweeting, Facebooking, etc... yet, alone they don't reply when asked a question when they clearly check their phones religiously.. Please explain to me how the heck this even seems logical besides assuming the person has no interest in what you have to say, yet is too chicken to simply cut you out of their life.

Does this honestly look like fun??
  Anyway, this is all rude and irritating behavior... which brings me to question: How were these people even raised?  I've experienced one too many hang outs where, rather than actually engaging in human interaction, I'd be sitting in the middle of a full-out "Wi-fi party".  It's lame and pointless.  If I really wanted to watch people stare at a screen while I'm out, I might as well hit up the movie theater by myself and stare at random people enjoying the show.  

  The way my parents raised me is that you don't show up to meet people late (sorry to whoever I make wait 15 minutes almost every time, by the way.. at least I own up to it), always make eye contact with the person whom you are speaking to, give them your undivided attention, etc.  Are these today's social standards?  Not even close.  Just goes to show both common sense and common courtesy aren't so common, after all.

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