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Who Doesn't Enjoy Tunes About Beer??
Friday, January 17, 2014
Hey readers!

  It was called to my attention earlier that Chan Man from Mississauga-based rock band, Dystonia has also joined a band (a Streetsville staple), Tomahawk Love!

  For all you Dystonia fans, as well as local music lovers across the Mississauga/Toronto area, I'm sure you would love Tomahawk Love- I saw them play live last year in Brampton, but I've never seen this new lineup, which consists of: Kevin McGilp- Vocals & rhythm guitar; Jay McCurdy - Vocals & rhythm guitar; Mathew Brown - Lead guitar; Christian Marasovic (aka Chan Man of Dystonia) - Bass & vocals; Michael Amaral - Drums.  

  Check out their single about beer: CLICK HERE 
(I unintentionally rhymed right there...)

Here's a list of upcoming confirmed shows you don't want to miss:

Saturday, January 18: Tomahawk Love at Cuhuclainn's, Mississauga  
Friday, January 31st: Tomahawk Love at The Local Option, Toronto  
Friday, February 7th: Dystonia at The Local Option, Toronto
Saturday, February 15: Tomahawk Love at Cuchulainns, Mississauga  
Saturday, March 22: Tomahawk Love at Cuchulainn's, Mississauga 
Friday, April 18: Tomahawk Love at Cuhchulainn's, Mississauga

  I've seen all of these talented musicians play at Cuchulainn's Irish pub on Matt Zaddy's Open Mic night on Tuesdays, so I can actually imagine how insane it will be to see these 5 talented musicians in the same band!  Oh, and if you dig beards, guitarist, Mathew Brown has got one that will leave you with beard-envy (well, I hear it's a guy thing, anyways).  This beard is a must-see.  Go for the beard.

Follow both Dystonia and Tomahawk Love on Facebook for more details!


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