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Hey ladies and gents!

  On Saturday, November 23rd, I went to see “Heroic Brass”, a Mississauga Symphony Orchestra show, featuring the amazingly talented trumpet player/pianist, Guy Few, who played for a packed hall.  He only played the trumpet this time, but it was still pretty sweet (side note: I totally thought he’d play the trumpet and the piano at the same time- hope to catch that sometime!)! 

MSO photo courtesy of Ryan Tobin
  The show was great- with a lot of powerful numbers.  There was a point in the first half of the show where they had the image of a Disney-esque castle projected in the background, and as I looked at the musicians and the way they synchronized their movements while playing, I felt like I was watching a classic Disney movie, like “Fanstasia” for some reason.    

  During half time (I know it’s called the intermission, but I notice I tend to call it ‘half time’), I caught a few local ‘celebrity’ sightings as well, including 3/5 of the band, Pretty Odd, as well as guitarist, Matt Hamilton from the punk band, IVS- all who were dressed up, and looking quite dapper.  

  To kick off the 2nd half of the show, MSO President and bass player, Paul Weston cracked a few jokes (he’s awesome), as well as mentioned how we can “adopt a musician” before continuing the show.  I noticed even from the October show, when Paul Weston takes the mic, he is always entertaining.

  At the end of a crazy week, it was pretty sweet to just kick back and listen to a live orchestra playing classical music.  

Click photo to zoom in.
  It was a successful date night: a high-carb dinner (yes, I feel entitled to one diet cheat day a week), red wine, romantic sounds of live classical music, and more live music- the simple pleasures.  I say more live music because following the MSO show, my date and I made our way to Streetsville-based pub, Cuchulainn’s for a drink, where another one of my favorite musicians, Matt“Zaddy” Zadkovich’s cover band, The Infringements, were playing.   

  Interested in scoring one pair (2) of free tickets to the December 14, 2013 Mississauga Symphony Orchestra show entitled "Holiday Spectacular?  There are two ways:

1. Quiz the Maestro video blog series.  Info can be found here:

2.  MSO is closing in on 500 "Likes" on Facebook.   The 500th person to "Like" the fan page will receive a prize package that will include: a ticket voucher to any concert in MSO's 2013/2014 season, and a CD of Kevin Lau's "Voyage to the East" as performed by the MSO.  Invite your friends to "Like" the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra Facebook Page, as well!

See you there!

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