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The Breakout of The Glorious Sons
Monday, November 4, 2013
There is a mechanic shop in the heart of industrial Kingston. It stands in the corner of a dead end surrounded by dead trees and mangy strays of all kinds. There, lies their dream; In each graceless poster covering the walls, in the stained carpet beneath their feet, in the empty cases of Pabst that jingle to the vibration of their melodies. They are The Glorious Sons, a Canadian rock band, defined by their music and inspired by the day to day grind. They are the everyman band, with a passion for portraying the lost romance of liquor, women and rock and roll. -

Kingston Rockers The Glorious Sons are not only creeping on the number 1 track on Jamsterdam Radio with their hit song "Mama" but they are creeping the air waves across the country. The five member band is in the midst of their cross Canada tour which takes them from B.C. to Ontario, back out west to Alberta then to the east coast of Canada.

Jamsterdam Radio had an opportunity to catch up with the band this month after rocking out a show at the E-Bar in Guelph, Ontario. The band was awesome enough to do an interview with us following the show in their short yellow tour bus. The bus itself was fully equipped with a bunk beds, luxurious seating and a tv hooked up with a PS3 where the fellas challenged us to an all night NHL tournament. We had to decline the invitation and spare the embarrassment and opted for our good friend and lead vocalist of rising band "MicMac" Chad McBride to jam it out with the band instead.

Tune in for exclusive interviews with the band and some live audio taken from the show. Jamsterdam Weekly feauring The Glorious Sons will be airing nightly this week at 6pm Toronto time and Saturday/Sunday at noon. Don't miss it!

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