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Hey Readers!

  Being the days after the VMA's, the hot topic of the day seems to be Miley Cyrus' scandalous costume choices and strange behaviour.  Words like "slut", "attention whore", "skank", "long back", "pathetic", "disturbing", "dog" (because she can't keep her tongue in her mouth), etc., have been used to describe her.  I never personally watched the actual awards show, but it was unavoidable in the media.. so I turned everything off for a while because it got kind of annoying hearing all this negativity.

Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs.
  First off, if her performance was so disturbing,embarrassing, and disgusting to watch, why didn't you change the channel the moment you were urked?  I know- you can't look away from train wrecks, but you actually can, but you prefer to have something to talk about after.  Is your life really that boring that you have to talk down about someone you don't even know??  Honestly.

  Maybe part of you was intrigued and maybe appreciated the fact she seems so comfortable in her own skin to the point of showing it all off, even unflattering and inappropriately?  Maybe, you're just one of those people who is dying on the inside because you're living this life that is expected of you, rather than living life the way YOU want, and doing the things YOU truly want to do, or even doing something outrageous?  She obviously doesn't care what you think- I'm sure she gets a lot of hate mail every hour of every day and she hasn't crumbled yet.

  Also, if you hate her so much, why are you giving her publicity by mentioning her via word of mouth with your friends, or social media?  Part of the point of her performance was for the shock value that Madonna once started at the 1984 MTV VMAs where she was rolling around on the stage, gyrating in a wedding dress.  It's all for publicity- she's got a new record to be released this fall, and this publicity stunt is just another way to promote it.

  Miley's performance WILL be outdone (I know- difficult to believe) by some future talentless poptart, and you'll have the same reaction about the future tart as you did with Miley, as well as Britney when she came out in that nude outfit about 15 years ago.  The reactions of people in the audience were actually pretty hilarious, though.

Cyrus in more wholesome days.
  I am in no way singing her praises, or finding her choices last night to be her most flattering, but that was her choice, and this is the phase she's currently in.  It may have been on t.v. for all to see, but it's still not our business to judge her.  I used to be a Hannah Montana fan, so yes, it was a bit weird for me to see her dressed skimpy a few years ago, but I've noticed now seeing Ms. Cyrus on t.v., she seems more relaxed, her posture is a lot better, and she seems like she's more comfortable in herself, which I appreciate, as we can all learn something from that part of her attitude anyways.

  I find all this Miley crap talk hilarious for the fact that no one is perfect, and we all make choices at some point that would be viewed as questionable... so unless you want others to talk about you the way you're talking about some scantily-clad chick you don't even know, maybe you shouldn't judge her/verbally beat her down?  I don't know.  If she were any regular person, doing similar things, all the internet comments would be considered "cyber-bullying".  I don't know... maybe I'm wrong about this..

  People have said, since the days of Madonna's heyday, that because of these celebrities who don't display that they respect themselves exist, there will be no more good, respectable women out there.  I partially agree with this, but there are so many other female celebrities to look up to in positive ways.  I don't understand why people seem so pre-programmed to automatically hate the negatives, rather than appreciate the positives.  Honestly-there are so many other tarts in this world that do a lot worse.  Mind your business.

  Got an opposing opinion to this blog?  Comment down below to start your argument, or tweet me @JerZGrlinCanada

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