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I was on Instagram the other day, and saw this photo posted by a local aspiring pastry chef named Samantha Erin:

It's a cake!!!  Photo courtesy of Samantha Erin.

  I was honestly disturbed. I was thinking, "I get it- she's a chef, but why does this chick really have to post this??"

  I've only seen a dead pig before it was roasted once last year, and I almost fainted. Couldn't eat it after I've seen it laying there dead, stamped, and skin colored with some hairs on its body still.  So when I saw this, I had flashbacks and got a bit nauseous. 
Side view of the cake.  Photo courtesy of Samantha Erin.

  Afterwards, I realized it's one of her crazy, creative cakes she makes!
When I approached her and asked if I could share this with you awesome readers, she said this about the cake:  "It was all in good fun from all the things I've seen working in restaurants and thought it would be cool to create something realistic, and something I thought I have seen my chefs work so hard on to create wonderful dishes from. It started with a pig." 

This girl seems to have the ability to make a cake that looks like anything!! This is the most impressive cake I've ever seen- hands down!  I thought it was a real pig's head!  

  If you want to directly leave her feedback, you can contact Samantha on Facebook  and follow her on   Instagram to see more of her awesome work!

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