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Ballzfest '13
Friday, June 14, 2013
In May this year it was the annual celebration of Ballzfest - the celebration of men. The event has been celebrated annually since the early 2000's and takes place at Bronte Park in Oakville, Ontario. The weekend consists of boozing, BBQing, bocce balling, Newfie horseshoeing, flip-cupping and brugaling. See below for definitions:
Boozing: Self explanatory, the standard is usually the cheapest beer you can find or what's on sale (typically Old Mill or PBR). A bottle of Fireball always makes an appearance at some point during the weekend.
BBQing: Straight up burgers, dogs, carbs and sodium all weekend long. I don't recall ever eating a single vegetable at Ballzfest.
Bocce Balling: At Ballzfest this is referred to as "extreme Bocce" where there is absolutely no restrictions on terrain. Swamp, fire pits, poison ivy, this game is played everywhere.
Newfie Horseshoeing: Otherwise known as washer toss, this game is played with some metal washers and a sandbox with a cup in the centre. Toss the washer in the cup to earn points. Typically the more you drink, the better you toss.
Flip-cupping: We found ourselves collaborating parties with a neighboring camp site this year and battled over flip-cup for campsite supremacy.
Brugaling: The game called "Brugal" is by far the most instilled tradition at Ballzfest. All attendee's at the campout must participate. Lawn chairs are placed in a circle for the players to take their seats. In the middle of the circle are bottles of Brugal or a disgusting alcoholic beverage with an equivalent alcohol percentage. The players throw a football to one another in the circle until either A) the ball is dropped or B) a bad throw. The one responsible for the dropped ball or bad throw must take a swig of the booze in the middle of circle while all players in the game repeatedly chant the word "Brugal".
If the bottle is knocked over or not placed back firmly into the grass and tips over then the culprit must take another shot. If the dropped ball or bad pass is up for debate then the two parties involved must do a "dance off". The worse dancer of the two parties goes to the middle for a swig. You can only imagine how quickly this game progresses as one player will quickly become beligerant and smashed to the point where they lose all hand eye coordination. This individual is then crowned the champion of Brugal.
Check out the clip below from from Ballzfest '08. The crew at Ballzfest perform some air guitar to the sound of the Kracker Japz:

Catch clips from Ballzfest '13 this week on Jamsterdam Weekly. Tune in daily from 6pm-7pm EST (Toronto time). Following Ballzfest stay tuned for a brand new Walz Rantz where he talks about his Beverly Hills Adventures Part 2.
#NewMusic featured this week includes Paul Lipsey, Rizzo, Rayzed Hoods and J Noble. Tune into Jamsterdam Weekly for your weekly fix.

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