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  When I was younger, I have had the unfortunate experience where my boyfriend (of a year) didn't introduce me to his parents because they didn't approve of their kids dating people outside of their culture, let alone a totally different ethnic group.  I asked him to tell his parents about me or I'm dumping him. 

  I guess he told them because one day, I called his house phone, his father picked up and started to interrogate and yell at me for dating his son!  I told his dad to go back to his country.  He told me, "Do not to talk to me like that.. you have no respect!"  I replied, "I have no respect for those who don't respect me because of ignorant reasons and the fact you don't even know me."  He started yelling like a psycho and I couldn't even understand him so I had the phone away from my ear until it got quiet.

  His mother got on the phone and calmly told me, "It's our dream for our grandchildren to be <insert their culture here>."  I don't even need to say what culture he was because this was just straight-up ignorance!  My boyfriend never even defended me- he just sat there and let me take it.  Needless to say, we didn't last.  Plus he was a pathological liar/impressor personality, but that's a different topic altogether.

  Why do people move to a diverse country, such as Canada, to provide their kids with a better life, yet they only want their kids to marry/date their own kind?  I just wanna say to these people, "I'm sorry- North America is a melting pot of cultures, and if you're against your kids dating or marrying someone outside of your culture, then move them back to your country!!  No one is forcing you to live here!"  

  People like that do not deserve the opportunities in our country if they're going to pack their ignorance with them.  Might as well get your kids to marry each other or their cousins before moving here if you feel that strongly about it.  Plus, eventually, if everyone from your culture continues to procreate with each other, you'll soon enough be the ancestors purely of inbreds. Is that what you really want?

  Sorry if I sound like a ranting bitch, but this has been bugging me for years and even to this day, I hear of couples being forbidden to marry because of cultural/skin color differences.  I understand you love your culture and you're proud of it, but when you're sacrificing your child's potential happiness with a great match from a different culture, you're setting them up for an unhappy life if they really want to see how green the grass is on the other side.  

  Ignorance is taught, people are not born with it.  If your child has always been obedient to your wishes, good for you- but in terms of being ignorant, you can pack that in your carry-on and fly back to where you came from.  That attitude isn't really welcome in North America.  If you're ignorant and you're actually from here, then I really have no words.  It's just shameful.

  If I were a parent that felt strongly about what culture my kids married, I'd still prefer my kids to live a happy life, than be with someone from my culture who beats them and cheats on them.  Food for thought.  

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