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A Leaf Fans Guilty Pleasure...
Sunday, June 23, 2013
It has been about 6 weeks since the Leafs were eliminated from the playoffs after their 4-3 series loss to the Boston Bruins. Its safe to say that just about every Leaf fan remaining in the Toronto area is cheering for the Bruins to knock off the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final. The Bruins winning the cup is the equivalent (or as close as we'll get) to the Leafers winning the cup.

Toronto is the epicenter of hockey world wide yet the Toronto Maple Leafs rarely make the playoffs. This season being the first time the Leafs had made the playoffs in 9 years! After the Bruins defeated the Leafs in their best of 7 series 4 games to 3 the city of Toronto became a ghost town in regards to hockey talk and caring about the playoffs. Less beer was being drank at the bars, less blue in the city streets and local eateries suffered a short recession. The Leaf fans that continue to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs find themselves cheering for the Bruins. Cheering for the Bruins has become a Leaf fans guilty pleasure.

Tune in this week as Jamsterdam attended game 4 of the Bruins and Leafs series. Game 4 was a disappointing outcome with the Leafs losing in overtime but the atmosphere was electric. Jamsterdam visits the game with a crew of characters including Dickie Crayons. Dickie does his best to try and stay awake for the entire game but of course manages to catch a nap in the middle of overtime. Keep in mind this is the same guy that took a snooze during the song "Zero" at a Smashing Pumpkins concert. Dickie is featured on Jamsterdam weekly with "Up Close and Personal" and this time he gets a little too personal. Following Dickie is Walz Rantz and The Best Of the Sound Off.

#NewMusic this week features "Dream Jefferson", "Big Frost", and "DizzyStylz". Tune in daily from 6pm-7pm Toronto time for funny clips and some of the best music you never heard.

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That Chick Krys said...

LMFAO- THAT's how I remember Dickie Crayons- falling asleep in public. That shot is classic Crayons!!