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Hello, my sexy readers!  

  I was on Myspace when I was bored, checking out my old blogs to see how much I've changed over the years, and stumbled upon this old gem, taking you on a trip down memory lane if you're an older fart like I am!  Okay- I'm not actually old.. but, enjoy! :)

December 8, 2006

  I know that title is random and it has nothing to do with anything I've written as of lately, but I am just curious as to who still has their favorite useless items from the 90s? 

  They're not TOTALLY useless, but they definitely have a thing for distracting you from the important work you may have in front of you on your desk.  

  I still have my Nintendo game console, my Pogs and Sailor Moon collectors cards, but my  Kooshball (that stringy rubbery ball that looks like something your cat coughed up) was roofed one day back in '93 when we were playing catch in the school yard and this dude roofed it on the portable. :(  That's probably where my "guys are stupid" theory rooted from... hahaha- I KID, I KID!!... sorta...

  I have never bothered to get another Kooshball, because I've already learned my lesson with my Slinkies (those metal or plastic spiral things you drop down a flight of stairs and you'd watch it go down the stairs by itself- it was wicked pointless but tres fun).  I bought two and broke both of mine... :(

  Tamagotchis... from the late 90s- did anyone have one of those?  They were these digital pets that you feed and watch take a shit, play with it, and make sure it sleeps... again- pointless.  I killed my dog pet thing (it was a Nano pet- same shit- just different company name) because I finally realized that I had homework and I should've paid more attention to it rather than some stupid battery operated pet, which you can revise by simply resetting it, or changing the battery.

  Nintendo games are wicked awesome (yeah yeah- they're mid 80's but who gives a shit) ... but then again if you abuse the power of this old school video game console, you may fry your brain cells and forget you have responsibilities... but I still have my Nintendo and love it... but too bad it's missing a wire... :(

  Chia Pets... HAHAHA I've never seen a worse waste of money than this besides Paris Hilton's record deal!  

  Remember you could buy a ceramic form in the shape of a dog or a sheep and you add seeds and water to it, and watch it grow green fur on it that resembles grass? They even started to have novelty shapes such as a man's erect... ahem... male private anatomy, a woman's torso and below, and so on and so forth.  Wow- the 90's was quite the experimental time.  Chia Pets.

  Nowadays, I've seen some pretty neat inventions, after the new millennium hit, such as that vacuum cleaner that gets rid of dust particles, as well as any dirt that may lie in your carpet.  

  This morning, I watched a Home Hardware commercial that featured this 5-in one (correct me if I'm wrong) tool that not only acts as a wrench, but a few other tools as well!  

  That vibrating knife that has the cool infomercial where the knife can actually slice your food perfectly (they even had a display of an octopus made out of salmon or something) was a cool find as well.

  Ginsu knives are just amazing.  Whoever came up with that one is unreal- the sharper the knife the better the slice- so I guess that vibrating knife is bullshit- who knows unless you've tried out the product, right?

  Those hallway lights that you can stick anywhere and press it to turn it on or off are cool also.

  The Magic Bullet grinding tool looks fun as well.

  Ceramic hair straighteners, rather than steam straighteners, have been around forever, but whoever made them more accessible to the public, I grant you much props.

  "The Claw" gardening tool has been out since the mid-90's, but I still definitely don it as "one of the most arguably useful gardening tools".  It's fun and easy to use, as well as its efficiency value in getting rid of stubborn dandelions definitely deserves a thumbs up.

  Whoever came up with the idea of mineral cosmetics gets a standing ovation. is another great invention- best internet addiction since Napster, to my opinion. (:p) is addictive, and it's a great networking tool.  Thanks, Tom for making it- you've helped create links for people that couldn't have been done without you.  This is also a great way for people to gain 15 minutes of fame... not gonna say any names here.

  Su Doku is another addictive thing.  Agata (I love you, girl!) first introduced me to it, and when I was out in Cali, the guy I like kinda got me into it because he made it seem effortless finishing a level 3 puzzle... it's tougher as the
levels are claimed to be "easier" to my opinion.

  Jenga... one of my all-time favorite things from the 90's besides "Guess Who?" - those are great games besides chess.

  Who knew there were tonnes of different Monopoly games?  I didn't know that until I went to my sister's man's house- they seemed to have every type of Monopoly game there... I don't play that game unless there are at least 3 other people playing, for that game can go one for days!! 

Anything else?  Maybe- but I'm gonna stop there.

  There you have it, folks.  A throwback blog post from 2006 by your favorite Jersey Girl in Canada.  Yes, I had a very low attention-span back then.  I hope you enjoyed this!

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