"I really never thought of myself as unique. I'm just another soulja in the battle to inspire positivity to others." - Professor B. Check out our exclusive interview with the reggae rocker.

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Jamsterdam Radio wants your best live performance photo for our #RockThePhoto contest. Send it!

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We drop our Top 5 list for rappers to look out for in 2016. Listen for these artists coming to a speaker near you.

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  "Canadian Music: Support it, feel it, love it, see it, hear it, breathe it, smoke it, snort it, eat it, drink it, sleep it, sell it, buy it...~A message from the Government of Jersey Girl in Canada, who actually gives a fuck about where music has quickly gone to." 

  This is just me talking about how quality CANADIAN MUSIC is being overshadowed on the radio by shitty music that has no real point or meaning behind it.  I found this in an old Myspace blog I wrote in 2005, and I stand by this message wholeheartedly to this day.  

  There are countless talented artists in your own neighborhood that are overlooked because they're not popular yet. me crazy, but I'm sure everyone starts as unknowns, so if they're talented, regardless of the size of their following at the time, why don't you go watch them play or buy/pick up their albums/EPs?  This way, you can later brag about how fucking cool you are that you knew who the band was before anyone else did.  Okay, that sounded sarcastic, but I'm actually being serious.     

  Eventually, these talented, virtually unknown artists will become popular enough for the sheep to finally clue into the the talent.. then you see them rock the fuck out at every single one of the band's shows, and go on as if they've followed the band since day one!  For the record: I hate every single one of you fucking sheep that pull this horseshit. 

  Where do you find local, undiscovered indie artists perform, you ask?  Look up your local open mic nights- you're bound to find them there (that's where I've been finding out about some pretty sweet bands lately anyways), or pretty much any (non-chain) bar will host mini-shows.  

  You're on the internet right now reading this blog, so look up local events... or actually- better yet- since I believe in this so much..

  If you're in an indie band, or you're a solo artist- regardless of if you're already on Jamsterdam Radio or not; regardless of what country you live in- comment down below your with your band name, part of the world you're from, websites and your upcoming show dates.  This is your chance to shamelessly whore yourself out to our readers and listeners.. on this blog post anyways.  If you shamelessly whore yourself on all of the site's posts, that might actually get annoying.  So.. just whore yourself out on this particular one down below, in the comments section.  

  Opportunity 2 for indie artists: No matter your genre, if you have finished music with good content and want some airplay, send your tunes in mp3 format over to and you may just hear your tunes play on our station!  We are stoked to hear all of your wicked tunes!  Good luck!

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