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Hello, my sexy readers!

  Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and asked yourself, "Are you happy with your life?"  I'm sure if you have, you'd have a definite yes-or-no answer, but do you truly mean it?    

  As I go on with my day-to-day life, I stop sometimes and notice a lot of miserable people.  At first I thought it was a Toronto area thing- noticed that since I moved here from New Jersey:  

-We wear black like we're going to a funeral.  
-No one really smiles or says "Hi" to other people.  
-We work jobs that we absolutely hate just to pay bills, and for a lifestyle we feel pressure to conform to, which we realistically cannot afford, and dig ourselves into unnecessary debt.  
-We are trying to "keep up with the Jones'" in terms of acquiring material items we want,just because other people have them, and they initially come off as fabulous, but later realize we're sick of the items we purchased. 
-People act more important than they actually are, just to feed their superiority complexes.
-We stay in relationships that we aren't fully happy with, just because all of our friends are in relationships and we don't like being "THAT guy/girl", so we settle for the person we're with, even though we're rather be alone or with someone else.
-We stay friends with people just because of mutual friends, just to save others the awkwardness.

  These are all things that I'm sure happen everywhere, but I notice it most prominently in the city I live in, and its surrounding areas.  We seem to be chasing after things in life that don't matter as much as the things that would make us truly happy.
  The underlying problem is people settle for less than what they truly want in life. I'm going to break it down for you how you can simplify things to manifest your true happiness, no complaints:

-If you hate your current job, want to make "x" amount of dollars in a year doing something you actually have a passion for, go for it.
-If you like someone, who likes you the same, regardless of any roadblocks, be strong enough to make it happen (unless they're in a relationship, then you kind of have to respectfully back off until they're single again, if that happens).
-If the service is bad at a restaurant, stop going there and find a better one. 
-If you can sense someone is being fake or they're lying to you, stop hanging around them- no questions asked.  You can't change other people's fake personalities, but you can be real about it and remove yourself from the situation. 
-If you're sick of your wardrobe, get rid of it and buy new clothes. 
-If you have feelings for someone that are not being reciprocated, get over that person and move on to someone who digs you like you dig them.
-If you're sick of being out of shape, make lifestyle changes in diet and activities. 

-Remember that with every door that closes, another door will open.

..need I go on?

  I have come to the conclusion that we live in a society where people are into masochism. Almost anything in life can be resolved through making changes, but it seems like most people prefer to sit there and complain about their situation, because it seems easier than actually taking the necessary action to improve things. 
If people could just quit bitching, and start actually fixing things, people would come off as less vitamin- d deficient and more relaxed.  

  You enjoy having stuff to complain about?  Go see a psychologist because that's not a healthy mentality.

  Yes, be grateful for what you already have, but anything is possible if you believe it is possible.  You can be happy for yourself, rather than living for other people all the time.  The only person you're always with is yourself.  Make yourself happy, then everything else in life will seem easier to tolerate.  Dream big and work hard to make your dreams reality!  You can wish on every single shooting star you see, but without action and passion, it'll be tougher to reach your goals.

  Never settle for less than what you want, even if that something you want seems so far out of reach, work hard at getting it within your reach. This applies to careers, relationships, fitness goals, goals of all sizes, etc.. if you settle for less than what you want because it's easier in any way, you're setting yourself up for a life lacking the full potential of true-to-form happiness. Life is precious and too short to not enjoy it. You deserve true happiness- remember that!

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