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Hello my sexy readers!

I know most of us have celebrity crushes, so I've decided to share mine and reasons why I find them so special, besides their obvious good looks.

1. Lenny Kravitz

He has his own sense of style (loved his hippie phase) and he wears aviators and leather.  His adventurous outfit choices really show how comfortable he is with himself.  Confidence is very attractive!
   * He was born in New York- just across the bridge from where I was born! 
   * He's a talented singer/ songwriter/ guitarist/ bassist/ percussionist/ drummer/ actor/ designer.
   * He's a good father to his gorgeous daughter, Zoe.
   * He has great taste in women: first Vanessa Paradis, then the mother of his daughter, Lisa Bonet.  
   * Tattoos/ piercings.
   * He even looks hot in dreads.
   * He named one of my fave albums "5", which is also my lucky number.
   * He got to do a duet of "American Woman" with Prince... enough said.

2. Mila Kunis
   * She has two different colored eyes.
   * Her sign of Zodiac is Leo.. like me!!
   * She's  the voice behind Meg Griffin.. who doesn't like Family Guy?
   * She's hilarious- especially with that contagious laugh of hers.
   * She's one of the only hot actresses in Hollywood that can actually act.
   * She's interesting to listen to when being interviewed because she actually has stuff to talk about. 

3. Channing Tatum
   * He's got that Southern accent (he's from Alabama)
   * He can dance.
   * Like Mila Kunis, he's funny and down-to-earth when being interviewed.
   * He can adapt to different acting roles from being in sappy chick flicks to comedies.
   * He seems like he really loves his wife and is genuinely excited to become a father.

4. Miles Austin
   * He's a Jersey boy- born 25 minutes from me in the same county of Union (he in Summit, and I in Rahway).. plus we both lived 30 minutes away from each other in Bergen County- he grew up in Garfield and I lived in Tenafly before moving up to Canada... yeah, this just sealed the deal for my celebrity crush on him.
   * He's a wide-receiver for the Dallas Cowboys... yup- this Jersey Girl is a Cowboys fan- don't judge me.. and no, I don't believe in Tony Romo.
   * He and his family started the Austin Family Foundation, "a non-profit organization that promotes youth programs in lower income areas in New Jersey, that focus on character development and community involvement."  Giving back to the community that shaped him into the man he is today, I find that very attractive. 
   * He's a real athlete- in his early years, he was a letterman in football, basketball and track and field in high school.. I can totally see that in his performance on the field (especially before he got that massive $57 million contract) and he's got thigh muscles like a horse!
5. Beyonce Knowles
   *  Love her, or hate her, she's probably more talented than most people you've ever met.  More than a decade and millions of dollars later, she still performs like she's a starving artist, putting on a great show.
   *  The first time I heard her sing "Star Spangled Banner", I had goosebumps and chills.
   *  She's fearless.  I've seen her in magazines jumping off yachts and trying weird foreign foods just for the experience.
   *  Her booty popping makes me smile.
   *  She can sing/ dance/ write songs... I don't have much of an opinion on her acting though.
   *  Even after marrying Jay-Z, she still sings about how girls run the world.
   *  Anyone that publicly shows off the fact she can cross one eye at a time during a tv interview is goofy.  Goofiness wins.

6. Miranda Kerr
   * Besides being a hot Victoria's Secret model, she started an all-organic skincare line called KORA.
   * She's a health freak- eats for her blood type and works out vigorously, hence, her recent gig as a spokesmodel for Reebok.
   * She chose an all-natural birth when her son was born- absolutely no medications.  Ouch.
   * She's got an Australian accent.  

There you have it, folks- my current 6 celebrity crushes!  Beauty is really more than just the exterior.  Good-looking people are a dime a dozen, but beautiful people, inside and out, are pretty rare.  Hope this inspires more people to pay more attention to inner beauty!

Have a great weekend!




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