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  Whoa- if 1/5 Canadians are battling depression issues, why is it that not enough people seek counselling or a psychologist? 1/5= 20%... that's a lot of depressed people! 

Here are 5 excuses people come up with, matched up with the realities of seeking professional help:

Excuse #1: You don't have money for help. 
Reality: There are free counselors in your area that can help you.

Excuse #2: You don't have the time.
Reality: You do have the time- you just don't feel like making the time.

Excuse #3: You don't want people looking at you like you're crazy.
Reality: Those who will judge you and say you're crazy probably need professional help more than you do, and their superiority complexes get in the way of admitting they are less than perfect.

Excuse #4: Your benefits won't cover it.
Reality: If you have benefits, it should cover whatever the percentage it states in your insurace booklet, provided that you see a Psychologist and pay the difference. Use your benefits if you have them.

Excuse #5: You're on this thing where you're trying to live life the way where people look up to you, adore you, and think there's nothing wrong with you.
Reality: No one is perfect. It's better to get help and risk the chance of someone seeing you walk into a counselor's office, rather than having to live the rest of your life battling depression.

Get over yourself and get help now. No excuses.

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