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Hello, my sexy readers!

 On March 5th, Chris Number 3 and I headed to Streetsville, Ontario for a Tuesday well-spent at Cuchulainn's Jam Night.  The reason for my third consecutive Tuesday night spent at this pub was the band, Pretty Odd!  
Pretty Odd (L-R)- Nicole Cain, Daniel Rengifo, Huy Pham, Bence Czuka, Luke Prosser

  My faithful readers, if you recognize the name of this 5-piece band, I have mentioned them last month in my blog about their gig at the Smiling Buddha with The After Hours, Bike Thiefs and Dystonia, and how I took video footage of part of their set then regretfully accidentally deleted the video off my camera.  After seeing them perform on Tuesday, I'm not that sad about the lost footage- I got footage of them rockin' the hell out of the pub the night they celebrated lead guitarist, Bence Csuka's 20th birthday!  

  Not only is this young group of musicians super-talented, you can really tell they love what they do when they're on stage!  Another thing I noticed, besides the fact the level of awesome their tunes are, the entire band happens to have amazing hair!  The energy of the crowd to see Pretty Odd was insane!         

  Some other artists that played that night included Sleepin Tom, who is an amazing song writer.

Iman Wain, who has an angelic voice that can melt the ice-cold heart of any alpha-male.

 Christopher Pozzi, who you may know from hearing his tune "For You" on Jamsterdam Radio, as well as a previous blog I wrote last month about him.  The musicianship in this video is so on-point all around!  Great song too.  The guitarist is Mathew Brown from the band Tomahawk Love, the drummer is Nikhil Shetty from the band Wasted Summer and the bassist is Matt Zaddy.

Matt Zaddy, who is the multi-talented singer/songwriter/guitarist and the host of Jam Nights every Tuesday.  I like this song by Dashboard Confessional "Hands Down", but emotional songs shouldn't be whispered, so I dig Zaddy's version a lot more- it sounds more sincere his way.  

In the last video, you see the backup vocalist with the tambourine- that's Jay from the band, Tomahawk Love.  The drummer is Christopher Pozzi.

I had to share the following video because check out the dark haired singer- it took me a while to figure out who he reminded me of.. if Jay from Jamsterdam Radio had a long lost younger brother, he would be it!  I can actually pinpoint the moment I came to this conclusion, where in the video you hear me laughing for seemingly no reason at 00:02:30. Yup, Jay- you've got a doppelganger in Mississauga!  Don't worry- that's a compliment for the both of you.. and no, I'm not hitting on any of you, just saying!

  One of the other singers was this cute chick, Desiree. Chris Number 3 and I were mad crushing on her!  She's one hell of a performer with a great voice and this electrifying energy!  Yes- I said electrifying and now, you most likely have a "Grease" tune stuck in your head... or maybe that's just me. 

  Oh, and if you've been wondering what your favorite Jersey Girl in Canada looks like when she's about to accidentally get head-butted by a cute and enthusiastic chick in the mosh pit, check out this video of Pretty Odd performing "Silvery Sheen"- you can see me disappear into the crowd in the beginning of the video, and I come back at the end of the song.  Thanks to Chris Number 3 for lending me his steady camera hand when nature called!

I took a few more videos, but I am pretty sure they will just slow down loading this page, so they're all on the same youtube channel.

  Like what you see/ hear?  The 2-year anniversary of Cuchulainn's Jam Night is happening on Tuesday March 19 at 9:30pm EST- they always manage to have awesome talent make their way over-  see you there!  


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