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Dickie's Followup
Thursday, March 14, 2013
Dickie Crayons is back and he has some ish to say. This week he got pressured into calling Jersey Girl back for a second date. Will she accept or will he be rejected like Muggsy Bogues going up for a dunk. Take a listen to the followup from the date.

By the sounds of it, he is still stung with the "love bug". Yet he continues to be on the prowl hence the photo of Dickie caught making out with a random from the bar (not JerseyGirl). Dickie seems to be a little confused, but tune in during the weeks to come for more adventures with Dickie.

This weeks episode takes us to the A.C.C. where the Leafs battled the Sens, also featured is Questions With a Fly Fisherman and Drunk Freestyle battles. Tune in daily this week from 6pm-7pm EST for this weeks feature followed by Walz Rantz and the best of the Sound Off. New music by Circle and the Radwimps.

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That Chick Krys said...

Just to get the record straight, in case anyone's wondering- no, that's not Jersey Girl in Canada in the photo. Thank you and good night.

Unknown said...

Thank you for clarifying because I was wondering.

That Chick Krys said...

bahaha- Kev, I know you weren't :p

PS- Jay- great pic at the bottom of this post. lol