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Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Tune into Jamsterdam on Wednesday at 7pm for The Sound Off. Today we are talking about Wombo's. A wombo is when an individual mistakenly combines two words to form one word. Wombo's are most commonly used while intoxicated but references may also be used while confused on discombobulated due to nervousness or excitement.

Wombo - a word combination

Take One - While at the liquor store, Kev proceeded to thank the cashier by combining the phrases "take care" and "have a good one." Mistakenly saying "Take one".

Brud - combining "bro" and "bud" = "brud." Often used in conjunction with "take one." "Take one brud!"

Hordorable - Taking your girl on a picnic, going skating with your girl while sipping hot chocolate and wearing a turtleneck sweater these type of actions would be classified as "hordorable." What may be adorable to some may be considered horrible to others. Horable + adorable = hordorable

Grawesome - Our very own Jersey Girl In Canada came up with this one when she mistakenly combined great and awesome coming up with the word "grawesome." She was using this term in reference to her favorite band B44.

Bulldown - When a situation is just plain bullshit and a let down. The Philadelphia Eagles were expected to do so good this year but due to Michael Vick sucking the season has been a total "bulldown"

Tune into the Sound Off this week to hear more Wombo's. Repeats can be heard on Friday at 6pm and Saturday and Sunday at noon ET.

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