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JD Era Disses Raekwon
Friday, January 15, 2016
Remember when JD Era was signed to Raekwon's ICEH20 label in 2012? Some thought that the partnership was put into place so that the Wu-Tang Clan member could cash in on Canada's grant system, which awards money to Canadian acts and labels who operate in the Great White North. JD Era expressed concern that the co-sign was a "double edged sword," and that although he put in a lot of work, he "didn’t feel like it hit where it needed to hit."

Well now it appears that JD Era's frustration has become aggression, as he took shots at his former boss in a new freestyle video. Rapping alongside Raz Fresco and Sese in front of a shoe display to promote KOTD, JD Era laid out all of his concerns in a couple of bars, even taking a shot at Raekwon's last project Fly International Luxurious Art. "Don't ask about no Raekwon homie, the past is the past / went from legendary to just money hungry for cash / I hope Donald Trump wins and he deports that ass / and between me and you that last album was trash."

We'll see if Raekwon decides to respond to these barbs through a song of his own.

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