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"Dream Poppers" The Perren Street Parade are from Devizes, England.

Perren Street Parade started life in London in 1986/1987 after an advert was placed in 'Melody Maker'. After eight months of songwriting & rehearsing their debut 6 track demo produced by Tony Cohen was complete. The demo unfortunately gaining no traction and it all came to nothing. The band split with no gigs and no releases.

The "dynamic duo" had lost touch but reconnected via social media and got back together to record the Perren Street Parade's long overdue debut album, "Selling The Family Silver" which was released to positive reviews in 2014.

The band was hard at work in 2015 on the follow up to "Selling The Family Silver." The new album called "The Looking Glass" is another slice of dream pop sounding supreme in both songwriting and production. Keep a look out for more on the horizon from the English duo in 2016.

'Let It All Out Then Let It Go' can be heard during the New Music Show airing daily at 8am/8pm EST (1am/1pm UK time).

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