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Photo courtesy of Field Of Giants
Hey readers!

UK-based alt/hard rock band, Field of Giants won the title of "Track of the Month" of November with their single, Let Go, and I got the opportunity to do an interview with them! Check it out below:

JGIC: Congrats on winning "Track of the Month" for November! Who are the members of your band, and how did you form the band?

FOG: Thanks very much, there were some really great bands in this month's listings, so we're chuffed to have won! Well the band formed last year as a project to see if we could write and album, our album, We Are (shameless plug no.1), came out in November and everything has sort of taken off from there. There's 5 of us in the band Martin (vocals), Tom (guitar), Craig (guitar), Craig (bass) and Mike (drums).

JGIC: How did you come up with the name Field Of Giants?
FOG: The name just happened as well, we're pretty bad at actually deciding anything. Field Of Giants seems to explain the music pretty well and it would have been better than calling ourselves "Heavy Guitars, Wimpy Vocals"...

JGIC: What is your single about? 
FOG: Oh god I don't know! We write music first and then I do lyrics later, and just write whatever seems right at the time. I was probably watching a film at the time, so let's say it's about a team of superheros who have to all work together to save the world from an invading alien force controlled by the Norse trickster god.

JGIC: At what age did you personally decide to get into music and what inspired you? 
FOG: Probably 15, that's when everyone in our little town was in a band. I'm not very good at painting so music was the best way to shout about being a teenager, smoking cigarettes and drinking white lightning...I don't think our lyrics have evolved much since then either.

smile emoticon
JGIC: If you were to do a dream tour with artists, dead or alive, who would you like to tour with and why? What countries would you like to play in?
FOG:It would be really cool to do some shows with Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl seems like the nicest guy in the world, ummm and Karnivool, whom we love more than a pre-pubescent girl loves Justin Bieber. We'll go to any city/country that will have us, except Dubai, screw that place.

Field Of Giants EP Cover
JGIC: As an artist, what message would you like to get across to your fans?
FOG: Don't eat yellow snow.

JGIC: Haha! That is definitely an important one! Any upcoming shows?
FOG: Yes! In January we're doing some live sessions at the same studio we recorded our debut album, We Are (shamless plug no.2) Studio Focus Recordings. Really looking forward to it!

JGIC: From your experiences, do you have any advice to offer other artists trying to make it in the music industry?
FOG: Just write music because you want to, don't worry about money. We're giving away our music on Bandcamp ( because we'd rather have more people listen to and make less money than have no-one listen to it.

JGIC: Anything else you want to add?
FOG: Yes, everyone should go an download our debut album for FREEEEEEEEEE here:
Also check us out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the other social gumph so we can send you illicit pictures!
JGIC: Thank you guys for your time- looking forward to hearing more from you in the future!

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