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Exclusive Interview: Ra-Sool
Monday, December 21, 2015
Rasool is a producer, writer, engineer and artist and is currently working on his album called the “ The Alpha” to be released in 2016. His lead track 'Stronger' featuring Naomi is currently cruising through the Jamsterdam Top 10 at midnight and can be purchased on iTunes.

Jamsterdam Radio recently got a hold of the Phoenix rapper in the midst of his busy schedule.

JR: Who are you?

RA: Ra-Sool!

JR: How long have you been an artist and what got you started in the rap game?

RA: I've been in for a minute bro and I started rapping in high school just for fun with friends then it turned serious after the first song and that was it.

JR: Who are your influences and which artists can you credit for your work?

RA: God number one but as of other artists I like Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, and Pac. I get inspired listening to classic timeless music, it doesn't matter what genre if it is blazin', I respect it.

JR: Which album is currently bangin' in your headphones?

RA: Man bro, right now I'm in my detox mode staying focus on me to be honest no disrespect, I'm just tuning my own fork.

JR: Which ingredient would you say defines Ra-Sool as unique?

RA: Well, I always say I'm a hybrid but real talk I would say "Making music with a voice that is actually saying something beyond me!"

JR: You produce, write, and rap your own music, which of these three talents are you most passionate about?

RA: All three really they are very important, But writing and rapping is my freedom of expression. I see myself writing and never stopping, even when I'm 80 I will be writing books and songs.

JR: Tell us a bit about the Phoenix rap scene, do you see many up and coming rap talents coming out of the Grand Canyon State?

RA: Well yeah AZ has many of artists and all of them are important. Right now voices are being heard but we are all still reaching. Until that number 1 spot on billboard has been reached for 5 weeks straight or more. I see #YoungAZ artist hungrier than ever.

JR: What can listeners expect in the future for Ra-Sool? New album? Tour?

RA: Yeah all of the above fa sho! But 'Stronger' video coming asap! And next single dropping soon and tour.

JR: Any Shout-outs?

RA: Well God number uno! Naomi what's good! My team Already! Let's work!

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