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Matt Zaddy - 'A Way Out'
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Matt Zaddy is the kind of songwriter you feel you have known your whole life. His honest and personal lyrics recall the best and worst times, and how we move forward to be the people we are today. His debut release, the Perfect Moments EP showcases his personal journey of rediscovery through music.

When asked what we can expect on the album, Matt explained, “This record is 5 very different songs that tell a similar tale: where I’ve been, where I’m going, and the road along the way. I think it’s something we can all relate to.” The Perfect Moments EP is due out in November 2015 and features a blend of folk, rhythm and blues, and pop rock. The story telling nature of Matt’s writing really makes you feel like you were there for the journey.

Stay tuned for Matt performing across Ontario in support of this release, along with a series of original and cover videos to be released in the coming months.

Matt Zaddy is no stranger to hard work in the music industry. Having cut his teeth in the Canadian music scene in the mid 2000’s as the band leader for progressive metal act Starring Janet Leigh, also known as SJL (Ironclad Recordings/Metal Blade Records), he has toured Canada and the US extensively and in support of 3 EPS and 1 full length record. Following his work with Starring Janet Leigh, Matt took some time to really reflect on where he wished to go musically after working relentlessly with SJL for 10 years. “I took the time to really think about where I wanted to go musically, and all these songs just started flowing out of me. It turns out that my acoustic guitar and I were like old friends getting reacquainted, sharing the good times and the bad.” Best described as a mix of folk, rhythm & blues, and pop rock, Matt’s music recalls tales on the road, the trial of being an independent musician, and finding purpose in life. He began performing regularly in the GTA as a solo artist, performing originals and covers. “I wanted to get back out there and really experience where I wanted to go, and the only way to do that was to try anything and everything.”

Matt’s efforts paid off as a host of a series of open mic/jam nights in the GTA, which attract hundreds of people each week. Working closely with the local independent music community and the Arts Council in his home town of Mississauga, Matt built a reputation as an innovative songwriter and performer, and is regarded as one of the hardest working musicians in his home town.

To quote his lyrics, “The Road I’ve traveled on is long and hard and worth it, because I’m still here with you tonight.”

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