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I’m So Bored Of Hearing About How Nobody Buys Music Anymore…

As a guy who’s built a substantial business around the basic claim that I can teach you how to ACTUALLY sell music, it’s a rare day in which I don’t receive at least one snarky email/blog/Facebook comment from someone claiming that my entire premise is baseless because… wait for it… NO ONE BUYS MUSIC ANYMORE!

Don’t get me wrong… As industries go, the music business is real mother f@#ker. The vast majority of musicians out there are putting their hearts and souls on the line, but struggling to even see triple digit album sales, let alone make a living. I’ve been there, and I know what that’s like.

However, if I might just call a spade a spade for a moment, I fear that there are many who protest purely because the alternative is to admit that their situation is a result of their own actions, or worse, the lack there of. For many, it would seem that having a problem is easier than having a solution.

While I do feel the sentiment “nobody buys music anymore” is largely being thrown around as a way for many musicians to feel better about their lack of sales, there are some truths wrapped up in the claims.

It is a fact that as a whole, album sales are down. They are way down. In fact 2014 was the first year in history with ZERO platinum-certified records by the RIAA. And album sales have been in steady decline for a number of years now.

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