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Exclusive Interview: Deezy Freeman
Thursday, October 8, 2015
"Basically i'm Mr. Pussyjuice"
Jamsterdam Radio recently took a trip overseas to Prague, Czech Republic. We were able to catch up with German rapper Deezy Freeman. Deezy's track 'PussyJuice' was voted the track of the month on Jamsterdam back in July and recently hit the top 10 German Rap Charts and has been featured on the largest stations in Germany including MTV Germany.

JR: Who are you?

DF: First of all I want to say thanks for having me, my name is Deezy Freeman and i'm from Germany and basically i'm Mr. "Pussyjuice".

"I got like 40 songs ready"
JR: How did you get to know Andy Wullmer, the CEO of SGM Records?

DF: I was on tour in 2010 and I made a little money but after that I was really broke, I spent all my money, didn't do shit. I ended up working in a club as the guy cleaning tables and one day I was cleaning Andy's table, Andy asked me what I do and I told him I rap. He told me about his alcohol drink called "Pussyjuice" and asked me to do a song for it.

JR: What were your doing before hooking up with SGM Records?
DF: I was always on stage, I used to break dance in middle school and started rapping at the age of 12 and wrote my first verse at 14.

JR: Who can you credit for making Deezy who Deezy is today?
DF: First of all its Bow Wow, he was my idol, then Fabulous and now I listen to a lot of Future, Drake, Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, and Kendrick Lamar. I not only listen to rap, i like to listen to deep house, I look for inspiration.

"Drake killed him!"
JR: As you know, recently there was some beef between Drake and Meek Mill. Who won that battle?
DF: Drake for sure, Drake killed him. "Is that a world tour or your girls tour", "You gettin' bodied by a singer nigga." That shit was crazy.

JR: Do you think Meek's tweet to Drake was meant to be a publicity stunt or does he really not like Drake?
DF: I really think Meek likes honest people, people who are real, and when he found out Drake didn't write his own rhymes, he got into his feelings and started tweeting that shit. I don't think it was a good move but he did it and now he has to stand up to it.

JR: Enough about Drake and Meek lets talk about Deezy, whats on the horizon for Deezy Freeman?

DF: I'm dropping a new song featuring Rayven Justice, he's a singer from the Bay area in California, I'm actually flying there to do a little tour for 14 days, he is taking me on tour with him. We're going to shut it down!
JR: Will there be a new album dropping in the near future?
DF: I've got a few singles coming out but i want to see how the people react to it and if they like it then I'ma just drop an album. I got like 40 songs ready.
JR: We at Jamsterdam Radio are super pumped! G'luck on tour! Thanks Deezy!
DF: Thanks for having me Jay.

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