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Hey readers!

To kick off my birthday weekend (a.k.a. the last weekend of July), I finally got to interview Ottawa-based band, Lemon Cash at their first Toronto show at The Cage 292 on College Street on Friday July 24!  As some of you already know, their single Sing For Me Now was voted in as Jamsterdam's song of the month for May!  Here is the interview:


JGIC: This is Jersey Girl in Canada on Jamsterdam Radio. I am here right outside of The Cage 292 in Toronto with the Ottawa-based band, Lemon Cash- introduce yourselves!

LC: I'm Jeff Papineau, I'm the drummer.

I'm Jeff, I'm the guitarist.

I'm Stefano, I'm the guitarist as well.

I'm Zack, I'm the bassist.

I'm Cory Papineau, the lead singer

JGIC: Ok- I gotta ask- how did you guys come up with the name Lemon Cash?

LC (Cory): Me and my brother, when we were young, we had a lemonade stand..

JGIC, LC: <insert laughter here>

Lemon Cash live at The Cage 292, Toronto
LC (Cory, continued): ..we sold $0.50 lemonade.. business wasn't great, but I remember this one time we made about $20 in quarters, and we ran in to show our mom.  The pile of change, we called it our "lemon cash". So when we first started our band, were sitting around discussing band names, and we started talking about the lemonade stand and we were like, "What did we call the change when we were young? Oh- lemon cash!" That's a cool name for a band!" So that's where the name came from!

JGIC: That's so cute! <laughs> So you guys just recently came up with this lineup (of band members)- how did that go about?  

LC: Well, there used to be the four of us: Me, Jeff the drummer, Jeff the guitarist, and we had a bassist named Greg (respectfully).  It didn't work out with him, so he left, so we got another bassist named Matt,- also didn't work out so we put an ad out on Kijiji.  At the same time, we brought in Stefano who is a great guitarist- he was a drummer of another band, but he was also a guitarist, obviously, so we brought him in. Zack here, the (current) bassist,  replied to our ad..

JGIC: Woo!

LC:..and we brought him over and he jammed with us, we liked his.. well first of all, we liked his look!  He had the shaggy hair and the beard..

JGIC: .and the man bun!

LC: <laughs> and the man bun! Exactly! So he looked like Dierks Bentley, and man buns are real hot right now, so.. I pictured Dierks Bentley so.. automatically he was in- whether or not he sucked, and he did suck, so, we still gave him a chance <laughs> (obviously joking).

JGIC: I'm all about the man bun!

LC: It's good- now we're a full band so it's good- he's the dude!

JGIC: So I was taking photos during your set, and I just stopped when you guys were playing your single Sing For Me Now.  How did you guys write that song? Like what was the inspiration?

LC (Jeff, guitarist): We came up with the structure of the song, and we wanted to have a strong meaning behind it.  We felt like we had that three-chord, sort of a ballad-type of song- so I guess we wanted a strong message.  Our guitarist, Stefano, his mom actually passed away from cancer a few months ago, so.. we wanted the song to have a strong message so we felt that if he had to write the lyrics, it would have that stronger message.  We want to write songs with strong messages, so we felt that if wrote the song about his mom, and kind of the struggle that he went through that the song would come out even better in terms of the message.  So that's where it came from.
Lemon Cash at Heritage Recording Studios, April 2015

JGIC: It's a beautiful, beautiful song, I have to say.  It gives me goosebumps when I hear it!

LC (all in agreeance): It is.

JGIC: How did you guys feel about your first show in Toronto?

LC (Zack): I felt a little nervous, I guess..

JGIC: <Laughs>

LC (Zack): But it's awesome- it's nice to play outside of Ottawa and hope we continue to do so. Bigger, better shows! So we're just gonna continue to work for that, and hopefully it works out!

JGIC: So how long have you been together for? Like, when did you start the actual band?

LC (Jeff Papineau): The foundation is Cory the lead singer, Jeff the guitarist, me- the drummer.  We've probably been together for about 3 years.. almost 3 years, something like that. Time flies- it's hard to keep track, but anyway, we've been the foundation, but we had our old bassist leave, and then trying to regroup and trying to form a band so we could actually do something and get out there.  So I'd say with the new 5-piece band with Stefano and Zack, we've probably been together for about 5 or 6 months. This was probably our 10th show together as a band, with all the new members.. this is Lemon Cash. Right now, this is what we're gonna be doing. This is like, our 10th show, so yeah, we're fairly new, but we're fucking--sorry, was I supposed to swear on the air like that?

JGIC: That's cool. We can fucking swear on Jamsterdam! Fuck, shit, balls! See?

LC (Jeff Papineau): <laughs> I'm a very passionate guy, so saying 'fuck' means we're really going to get out there and give it all.  In the words of Rise Against: "We'll give it all"!

JGIC: So.. wait a minute.. you guys have only been together for a few months.. how did you guys find your producer, James Robertson (Heritage Recording Studio) in the Greater Toronto Area, when you guys are in Ottawa? That's major.

L-R: Zack, Stefano, Jeff Papineau, Cory, Jeff Armstrong
LC: Well, we were part of a competition in Ottawa, and part of that was three bands got to come down to Toronto and record with James, so I guess he put his name out for the competition, and recorded a song called "Jealous Man", which plays on the radio in Ottawa, which plays quite a bit on the radio in Ottawa.  We just loved the experience working with James- he worked with Down With Webster before, won a gold record with them, so..

JGIC: I'm totally nodding over the radio again. <laughs> and I smell weed.

LC: <laughs>  He was just a quirky guy who knew his shit, and we had a really good connection with him so we wanted to come back down and record our EP with him and the guy's just an absolute mastermind.

JGIC: Shout out to James Robertson at Heritage Studio (Streetsville, ON)! Woo!

LC (all of them): Thanks buddy!

JGIC: So when you guys back in town?

LC (Jeff Armstrong): We wanna finish up our EP, so we're probably gonna come back down in late August or September and finish recording with James so we can pass out our EP.. probably like, October-ish? October/ November, something like that. The fall for sure.  We'll definitely be back to record new tracks with James.  We're not done with him, so James- we're coming for ya!

JGIC: Things seem to be happening really fast for you guys!  How does that feel?

LC (Zack): It's been an absolute blast.  It's been a whirlwind of change for me these past few months.  Just being able to play at Hope Beach, just the sheer atmosphere and energy that I'm feeding off of these guys.  It's incredible! A great group of guys.

JGIC: You guys are awesome live and I'm so happy I finally got to see you guys play!  So, what are your
major influences in music?

LC (Jeff Armstrong): Jeff and Cory, the two brothers in the band, I guess they grew up listening to soft rock, 70s, The BeeGees, Supertramp, The Beach Boys, lots of vocal harmonies- and we kind of encompass that when we first started.. just the 3-part harmonies.  Then we kind of got into bands like.. in terms of newer bands like Kings of Leon, Young The Giant, The 1975. So still with those clean guitars, still with the harmonies.. We like to have it where everyone is doing their own thing, but at the same time, coming together to form the band.  We try not to have anyone doing the same thing, so everyone is doing something separate..and that sort of culminates it together and I guess you can call us Lemon Cash! <laughs>

JGIC: <laughs> What are fans to expect from your shows?

LC: Bring your dancing shoes- because we like to play music that gets people moving.

JGIC: Yup- (to the readers/listeners) bring your gel-ins because my toes are fucking killing me!

LC: Yup! And bring your vocal boxes because I'd like to think we have some pretty catchy songs that people can catch on to- like halfway through the song they're like, "There it is- I can sing along to this right now, the first time hearing it!" So yeah, we like to get people moving, it's just a good time.  Feel good music.  you're having a rough day, come out and see Lemon Cash! We want you to feel good and have a good time, dance, and live. So, live the life of Lemon Cash with us <laughs>.

JGIC: So what kind of message to you guys want to send out through your music?

LC (Jeff Armstrong): I guess we just want to write catchy, hook-y songs but have a good strong message that people can rally behind.  The kind of music where if you're having a bad day, and you need something to cheer you up, that's what we grew up listening to, just songs with strong messages that kind of get your through the tough times.. songs that hit home, but make you move at the same time.  That;s us in a nutshell. <laughs>

JGIC:  I'm gonna be honest with you about your single, Sing For Me Now, you know, as everybody knows.. my step nephew got into a fatal car accident, and that song gives me goosebumps every single time I listen to it. So thank you guys so much for writing that because it actually got me through (the loss).

LC: That's fantastic.

JGIC: It definitely got me through it... and that's why you gotta #buckleupforkyle guys and gals!

LC: That's right- #buckleupforkyle- wear your seat belt- if you don't I will find your car and make sure you're wearing your seat belt.. I will find you!

JGIC, LC: <laughs>

JGIC: Any shout outs?

LC: I'd like to send another shout out to James Robertson for giving us such a great opportunity and really
Will Marr w/ Trouble and Daugher via amusicblogyea
helping us put the final touches on our music and making it sound so good that people react to it and you know, he's just fantastic and I hope we continue to work with him for a very long time. His constructive criticism in every way just makes us that much better. Just the way he works with us teaches us a lot of stuff. He's a friend- so thanks James!  Also like to give a shout out to Willy Marr (Trouble and Daughter/ Belle Ayre), because while he's been around us in the studio, he helped gave us a lot of tips, a lot of good advice of being just a live, performing band, along with little insider tips and all that, so I'd like to give a shout out to Will Marr about that. Jersey Girl, of course! Can't forget you! How can we forget Jersey Girl? You've been soo supportive- words can't even explain, it's so awesome having your around,- taking pictures for us, being so supportive  helping us through Jamsterdam Radio, getting us heard, so we appreciate that so much, so thank you so much for doing this, being at our show, and accepting us as your friends, because we accept you as our friend!  So thank you!

JGIC: Aww!! Warm fuzzies! :)  

LC (Zack): Yup- thank you Jersey Girl for the interview, and thank you guys for making me a part of all this!

LC (Stefano): Will- where the hell were you, man? Geeze! <laughs>

JGIC: Yeah, for fuck sakes, Will! <laughs> Thank you guys so much for your time and I look forward to hearing more and seeing what else is in store for you guys!


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