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Exclusive Interview: Hotboy Mula
Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Actin Funny by Hotboy Mula took the crown for the June track of the month on Jamsterdam Radio. We got in touch with the New Jersey rapper to talk about the video, the booth and the Jersey rap scene. Hotboy Mula is an up and coming rising star and a name to look out for in 2015.

JR: Who are you?

HM: My name is Hotboy Mula I come from the bottom, the struggle, the streets, the block, the hood, you feel me?..I was actually born in passaic, grew up in a projects know as "456" then moved to Paterson in my early adult years and just became a resident lol.

JR: How do you feel about New Jersey hip hop and where it's going?

HM: The way I feel about New Jersey hip hop right now is that there's definitely a lot of potential for Jersey to become the new breeding ground for new artists and have us all "Looking Like The New Wave". With Fetty Wap being one of the hottest artist in the game right now, and repping Jersey to the fullest, I feel as tho it shines a little more light on us and making the industry curious to what other talent is in the garden state. I also feel in order to make Jersey that "Hot Spot" we need at least 2 more big artists to show the world Jersey is here. But that's if people reach out to help like real n*ggaz suppose too. But again, everybody ain't real.

JR: Jersey definitely seems to be the latest breeding ground for up and coming rappers. Being from Jersey, who were your first musical influences and which rappers can you credit for your work?

HM: Well my first musical influence was my older cousin, he use to be rapping and listening to music like Nas, The Lox, And Jay Z in the house loud all the time, and he was the one who broke down what's a bar and how many bars are in a verse, and what's a hook, and I became thrilled with the fact I was good at putting words together. S/O to my older cousin. He gets my credit along wit 2Pac, Max B, & Future. They inspire me.

JR: Which artists are you currently listening to?

HM: I listen to a lot of southern based music, I listen to Future, Gucci Mane, Shy Glizzy, Migos, Rich Homie Quan..I like Drake, and Rick Ross too.

JR: Any artists you would like to form a collaboration with?

HM: I would like to collaborate wit Future and Drake the most tho.

JR: What makes Hotboy Mula unique from other artists?
HM: I always been told I had a unique voice and when I get in the booth, I just do me, I don't care who on the track wit me, I'm a always be different, if they go right I'm a go left, it's all about style and presence, I always make my presence felt.

JR: You made your presence felt on Jamsterdam Radio with 'Actin Funny'. The track was recently voted by our listeners as track of the month. What does it mean to be "Actin Funny"? How you Actin Funny?
HM: 'Actin Funny' is just a form of being focused and doing your thing without caring about what people have to say or how they feel about it. I use to do things differently and had a couple females and friends tell me I'm actin funny... Lol why? because I want better for myself!

JR: The lyrics or the beat, which came first?

HM: The beat came first. Hands down.

JR: The video is on high rotation around our office, tell us a bit about recording the video. Judging by your Instagram, The actin funny hand gesture is blowing up. Is there a name for it?

HM: The video was shot and recorded by Nimi Hendrix of SSMP in Paterson, Nj on 12th and 22nd Aka Harlem, The Blvd, and Montgomery Park. A few people in my video are from my Squad, Blaze, Sparks, My Dj Deejay Throwback, A Couple Cameos, local rapper Brazy-O, Drag, Muscle Team Fuzz, Franco, June Boom, The Bombshells And just alot of people from the city showing love and support. I haven't really came up with a official name but I like to call my pose "The Mula Face".

JR: What can listeners expect in the future for Mula?

HM: I have a lot in store for the world to see, I have a collaboration mixtape wit my homie B Rebel, I also have a solo project called "King Me" dropping soon, And just traveling across the globe, might be in a city near you very soon.

JR: Any Shout-outs?

HM: Yeah s/o Breakday Ent. family, My whole team BGE, Sunz Cartel, Rackboy Cam, all the fans and supporters and of course Jamsterdam for having me.

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