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Wilhelm Tell Me - 'Growing Younger'
Friday, July 17, 2015
'Growing Younger' is the new single from Indie-pop band Wilhem Tell Me, who hail from Hamburg and Copenhagen.

Los Angeles, May 2014, sixteen degrees Celsius and overcast. It's fairly early in the morning. Henning, singer of indie pop band Wilhelm Tell Me, removes his sunglasses; he's not in town for sightseeing anyway. Henning's on his way to see Lars Stalfors, producer and key player for The Mars Volta, a band that got pulled out of the underground and awarded a Grammy 2009. Stalfors invited Henning into his studio two days previously...

The cell phone is connected to the speakers and the demo plays. Lars listens intensely, and then, "Ok... wow. These songs are awesome. They've really got something!“

The two decide to work together on an EP. Just a few months later the record, containing five songs, is released under the title 'A Short Story For the Road'. 'Growing Younger' is taken from the EP and officially re-released on September 7th 2015.

'Growing Younger' can be heard during the #NewMusic Show airing daily at 8am and 8pm on Jamsterdam Radio.

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