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Twenty6Hundred - Death Rain Taxes
Friday, June 5, 2015
TWENTY6HUNDRED is a Toronto rock band formed by singer/songwriter Michael Atkinson. Often classified as alternative rock, the band avoids self-identifying with a specific sub-genre as the music and influences that make up their sound are far too diverse to give in to a single category. Although a solo project was the original intention, Michael recruited former band-mates Wendel Shank on guitar, and Randy Nolson on drums in an attempt to rekindle some of the performance magic of previous collaborations. Jim Burdon was soon after enlisted to play bass. Traditionally a guitarist, Jim brought an exciting flare and energy to the rhythm section while adopting this different role. With the band members in place, the name TWENTY6HUNDRED was chosen as a tribute to an icon from an era that significantly influenced each of the band members in life and in music.

In September 2014, the quartet completed their third major recording entitled "Electric For All". This 12-song LP was recorded entirely at the bands' own private studios (GladLand, Orange Mic, Shocker Sound & El Rancho Randillion). Electric For All is available now on CD and at various digital download providers and streaming services including: iTunes,Amazon Music, Rhapsody, Spotify,XBox Music & Sony's Music Unlimited. A music video directed bySheldon Norton for the single "Death Rain Taxes" was released in early 2015 and it has been received very positively by fans and industry insiders alike. In an effort to further expand their fanbase, TWENTY6HUNDRED remains very active on the Social Media stage by regularly connecting and interacting directly with their supporters. The band intends to increase the frequency of their performances while exploring potential touring opportunities in the coming year, and is extremely busy continuing to write and record new material with anticipation to release new music this year.

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