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Hey readers!

As you know, Jamsterdam Radio has started the Track of the Month, an opportunity to highlight the best
L-R: Zack, Stefano, Jeff Papineau, Cory, Jeff Armstrong
new tracks on the station, voted in by the listeners!  During the month of May, Ottawa-based band, Lemon Cash won this title with their fresh new track Sing For Me Now.  Lemon Cash consists of Cory Papineau (lead vocals/guitar/keyboard), Jeff Armstrong (guitar/vocals/keyboard), Stefano Provenzano (guitar/vocals/keyboard), Zack Robillard (bass/vocals), and Jeff Papineau (drums/vocals).

One day, a few months back, I was hanging out with songwriter/musician, Will Marr (Trouble and Daughter/ Belle Ayre/ formerly illScarlett) in Streetsville, and he told me about how his friend and music producer, James Robertson (who notably produced Down With Webster's Time To Win) was in the studio working with this talented young band from Ottawa called Lemon Cash, and that they sound great. Being the new music enthusiast I am, my ears perked up and I wanted to meet them.

Photo by Jersey Girl in Canada
First impression upon meeting Lemon Cash: " mean to tell me this good-looking, super-nice group of guys, are a band, who look like a team of friggin' soccer players/rugby players/ Australian surfer-looking dudes (without any of them even being Australian surfer dudes).. and they play rock music!? Score."

Once I got the chance to preview the tracks they were recording at Heritage Studios (in Streetsville, ON), I automatically pictured these guys playing an outdoor festival in the summer to a crowd of fun-loving peeps who just want to dance, party, and feel good vibes under the sun. I remember thinking singer, Cory Papineau's voice took me back to the days when I obsessively listened to Kings of Leon, as he has quite a bit of that Caleb Followill kinda sound.  Needless to say, I was musically smitten with this band.

When the guys were just hanging out on studio down-time, their creative juices were still continuously going, complete with impromptu bursts into song, just because they love it and were feeling it.  I remember Will (Marr) calling the guys and I into this tiny room, and him and Lemon Cash were bouncing creative ideas
Not to toot my own horn or anything, but photo by yours truly.
around... of all the musicians and other artists I've encountered over the past decade, never in my life have I been in the same room with that kind of passionate, creative energy on fire, shared between musicians from different bands.. it was incredibly inspiring to witness, almost to the point of it being an honor to be around. I wish I had a video camera to document that moment so you could've seen it- my jaw literally dropped as I watched from the sidelines.

I just felt the need to share this story of when I first met them, so you can see just how proud I was when I found out that their single, Sing For Me Now got voted as Jamsterdam Radio's Track of The Month for May!  I was busy with other things at the time, so I haven't had the chance to really check into Jamsterdam for a minute, and I either saw it on Lemon Cash's Instagram, or maybe Jay (Hunt) emailed me... I can't remember. Either way I was like "OMG!! Yay!! :)"

Needless to say, I feel this band has a bright future ahead of them, and I feel that judging from the few new tunes I even heard from them so far, are gonna be hits, and I look forward to hearing more from them!

If you're in Ottawa this Friday, June 26th, head over to Maverick's at 8:00 pm  (20:00) and show them your support!


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