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Exclusive Interview: The Response
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Jamsterdam Radio was able to catch up with Andy Knopp, one half of indie rockers "The Response." The band consists of Andy and Victoria Knopp, who are a pair of talented Kiwi musicians currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia.
JR: How did The Response get their start?
Andy: Vic and I met at music school where we studied Jazz so we've been playing together in various capacities for years. The Response was an experiment transitioning from jazz to the pop world.
JR: "The Response" is a cool band name but what are you guys responding to?
Andy: We've both been session musicians for a while and playing gigs for weddings or corporate events. The Response is our chance to play our own music.

JR: You previously were living in New Zealand and now residing in B.C.. Compare the two locations for creating and performing your music?
Andy: We are from Christchurch in New Zealand. The population is about 400,000 so the population jump has a big effect coming to Vancouver. The Christchurch scene is really cool and everyone seems to know everyone else but as far as venues go there's only maybe half a dozen very small venues dedicated to original music. New Zealand being so small and on the other side of the world also means we don't see a lot of the bigger acts that come through Vancouver.
JR: Who gets more love from the audience?
Andy: Interesting question. We both get a lot of love from audiences which is great. However, without fail, after every gig multiple people come up to check out Vic's gear set up and compliment her multi instrument skills
JR: It is an interesting dynamic to say the least. Who has influenced you and who can you credit for your sound?
Andy: We couldn't cite one or even a few artists who have inspired us or our sound. A huge part of our sound comes from the fact we are a duo and that has it's own limitations. I like to think our music is the culmination of everything we've heard and played over our life times.
JR: Which artist and song is currently cued up on your playlist?
Andy: Springtime Carnivore are a great band form California. We saw them opening for The Dodos last month and they were amazing. Been listening ever since.
JR: Your track "Counting" was recently in the Jamsterdam Radio top 10. What does it mean to be "Counting"?
Andy: Counting is a song about death. It sounds pretty morbid but I like to think it's a warning to be aware of how you use your time cause you've only got so much.

JR: It's a great track. I think we all could use the constant reminder about wasting our limited time away. Where can our listeners find more from The Response?
Andy: Our website is and we are on iTunes and Bandcamp
JR: What can listeners expect in the near future for The Response? Tours, new albums?
Andy: We are hoping to play as much as possible while we are this side of the equator. So far Vancouver has been a pretty inspirational place so I think we can expect an album some time this year hopefully. Recording in an apartment presents it's own challenges. haha
JR: Toronto hopes to have you guys out our way at some point soon. Thanks Andy! Any shows upcoming?
Andy: We are playing in Victoria on Friday, May 22nd at Atomique hq. Thanks!

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