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Are you a Legend? Ask N3BULA
Thursday, March 5, 2015
N3bula is an Electronic Dance, Deep House and Pop project resulting from 15 years of production, songwriting and engineering experience. N3bula has been working alongside DreamRoc'a Productions all over the Globe, making songs with and for International big acts such as Nicole Scherzinger, Ruben Studdard, RedOne, Cher Lloyd, Stori and many more…

His passion for music and astronomy has influenced the project with a space-themed visual, which is why N3bula is suited up in his own custom made space suit. His live performance will take you on a journey into outer space with music that perfectly coincides with the aesthetic feel of the show.

In the past few decades, the race to space has been a focal point for many countries throughout the world. However, the infatuation that dominated pop culture in the 1950's and 60's has become stagnant in recent decades. In the years to come, it is inevitable that the exploration of space will return to the forefront of our scientific endeavors, our news cycles, and our dreams. That being said, we feel that the entertainment industry still needs to reconnect to the world's youth, as it once did. Through music and visual stimuli, we believe we can help to reinvigorate the passion, hope, and eager anticipation that we all used to feel when we looked to the stars. - N3bula

N3bula is has been moving up the Jamsterdam Radio top 10. Check out the top 10 daily at 10am and midnight.

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