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Much Love for the Coco
Saturday, February 28, 2015
Ever since I heard O.G. Genasis' hit track "Coco", I can not seem to get his lyrics out of my head. It was a weekend getaway for a friends bachelor party where "Coco" was played on repeat with us chanting the track a cappella on our journey to the bar, I instantly became addicted to the Coco.

The track was stuck in my head until I rested my eyes that night and i still recall my last words before dozing off to sleep were "I'm in love with the coco."

The track has seemed to spread like wildfire with a number of artists coming up with their own unique covers of the track. Which "Coco" cover takes the cake as the best Coco?

Original Coco:
Adriana Coco:
Sheeran Coco
Italian Coco
WhiteBoy Driving Coco

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Unknown said...

White boy aka Devin Clark ripped it! The others can't even touch it.

J.R. said...

WhiteBoy Coco is killin' it!

Unknown said...

d clark

Unknown said...


Unknown said...